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Emerson on the Disappearing ISIS Coalition with Fox's Judge Pirro Interview on Fox News September 14, 2014
Emerson on Fox with Judge Pirro on How the US is Manipulating the Truth on Radical Islam (3 comments) Interview on Fox News September 13, 2014
IPT's John Rossomando on NewsmaxTV Mid-Point discussing the Islamic State Interview on NewsmaxTV September 12, 2014
Emerson on Fox News - Justice with Judge Jeanine (3 comments) Interview on Fox News September 6, 2014
CAIR's Identity Crisis: Defending Civil Rights or the Palestinian (Hamas) Struggle? (3 comments) IPT News August 11, 2014
Emerson on Fox News - Justice with Judge Jeanine (4 comments) Interview on Fox News August 10, 2014
Fox's Judge Jeanine Interviews Emerson: Hamas Gets Away With Murder (1 comment) Interview on Fox News August 2, 2014
Emerson on Fox: The Obama Administration, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood (2 comments) Interview on Fox News August 1, 2014
9/11 Museum Film's Critic Says Jews Killed Jesus (13 comments) IPT News May 14, 2014
Imam Pushing to Sanitize 9/11 Museum's Al-Qaida Film Slurs Jews (2 comments) IPT News May 7, 2014
Great Idea, Ibrahim Hooper! (6 comments) IPT News April 18, 2014
IPT Senior Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra Interviewed on NSA Spying BlazeTV April 3, 2014
IPT Exclusive: An Al Jazeera Anchor's Bloody Call (2 comments) IPT News February 25, 2014
IPT Video Report: NYC Pro-Morsi Rally Blasts Saudis as "Dirtier Than Jews" (1 comment) IPT News February 13, 2014
Steve Emerson interviewed on Sun News - Canadians leaving for Jihad Sun News Canada November 20, 2013
CAIR's Ayloush Gives Dishonest, Bullying Answer to Hamas Question (6 comments) IPT News November 18, 2013
Steven Emerson interviewed on Fox News discussing the theatrical release of our latest film Jihad in America: the Grand Deception Interview on Fox News October 21, 2013
Coptic Leaders Condemn Obama Adviser's Anti-Coptic Tweets (2 comments) IPT News October 11, 2013
Radical Imagery at NY Muslim Day Parade (6 comments) IPT News September 24, 2013
John Rossomando on Sun News - Somali Militants Behind attack in Kenya Sun News Canada September 23, 2013
Steven Emerson interviewed on Fox News with Sean Hannity on the terrorist attack on the Kenyan Mall Fox News Channel September 23, 2013
Princeton Professor Embraces 9/11 Conspiracy Movement (6 comments) IPT News September 12, 2013
Stigmatizing Their Critics - An IPT Video Report (2 comments) IPT News August 28, 2013
Christian and Muslim Egyptians Protest Obama Policies at White House (2 comments) IPT News August 23, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood Burns Churches, Scapegoats Christians Following Crackdown (3 comments) IPT News August 14, 2013
IPT Video Report: Washington's Muslim Brotherhood Rally IPT News August 12, 2013
Rally Organizers Deny Ties with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (1 comment) IPT News August 9, 2013
IPT EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Morsi Rally in D.C. A Grand Deception (1 comment) IPT News July 11, 2013
Emerson on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto discussing the upcoming US negotiations with the Taliban (1 comment) Fox Business Network June 20, 2013
Steve Emerson on FoxNews with Megyn Kelly Discussing the Boston Bombing Fox News Channel April 20, 2013
Steve Emerson on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs Discussing the Boston Bombing Fox Business Channel April 19, 2013
Steve Emerson on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto Discussing the Boston Bombing Fox Business Channel April 18, 2013
Steve Emerson on the Katie Couric Show (1 comment) April 16, 2013
Steve Emerson on C-SPAN's Washington Journal April 16, 2013
Steve Emerson on Fox News with Megyn Kelly (1 comment) April 16, 2013
Emerson on Fox News with Megyn Kelly Discussing the expose by the IPT revealing Saudi Arabia's Unprecedented Role in Vetting Visa Applicants to the U.S. (2 comments) Fox News Channel March 20, 2013
Coptic Activist: U.S. Needs to Stand for Freedom in Egypt (1 comment) IPT News February 28, 2013
CAIR's Walid: Silent on Jihad, Sows Fear of Law Enforcement (2 comments) IPT News February 22, 2013
Steve Emerson on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs Discussing New Documentary Jihad in America: The Grand Deception (3 comments) January 10, 2013
Fox News Showcases Emerson's New Documentary "Jihad in America: The Grand Deception" (7 comments) January 4, 2013
Press TV's Obscene Anti-Semitism IPT News December 19, 2012
The Obama Administration's PR Campaign for Morsi and the MB IPT News November 29, 2012
Video: Following Gaza's Ceasefire, Cleveland Rally Calls For the Destruction of Israel IPT News November 26, 2012
John Rossomando interviewed on Sun News with Michael Coren on 'A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House' Sun News Canada October 25, 2012
Jihad in America: Grand Deception - Discussion Panel Webcast (10 comments) October 25, 2012
A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House (127 comments) IPT News October 21, 2012
Al-Marayati's Dangerous "Diplomatic" Ideas (3 comments) IPT News October 11, 2012
Emerson interviewed on Fox News about the growing anti U.S. sentiment in the Middle East (4 comments) Interview on Fox News Channel September 23, 2012
Steve Emerson on Sun News Network with Michael Coren - Political correctness has damaged all aspects of life September 17, 2012
CAIR's Next Generation Radical (1 comment) IPT News August 29, 2012
Israel, America Bashed at Iranian-Inspired DC Rally (5 comments) IPT News August 20, 2012
Emerson interviewed by Canadian Anchor Michael Coren on Dire Developments in Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood (1 comment) Interview on Sun News Canada August 14, 2012
Ex Brotherhood Official Showcases Islamist Doublespeak (2 comments) IPT News August 10, 2012
Our Government and the Muslim Brotherhood August 9, 2012
ICNA Embraces America's Favorite Salafi Preacher IPT News August 1, 2012
Michael Coren interviews Steve Emerson on the Muslim Brotherhood and Stealth Jihad Sun News - Canada June 29, 2012
Little Movement in Latest Radicalization Hearing IPT News June 20, 2012
Dawud Walid, the Quran and Jews (7 comments) IPT News June 4, 2012
Emerson on Fox News discussing cyber warfare on Iranian nuclear facilities Fox News Channel June 1, 2012
Emerson on Fox 5 discussing the death of the Lockerbie bomber Fox 5 - WTTG May 20, 2012
"Nakba Day" Fizzles (1 comment) IPT News May 18, 2012
Malik Ali Brings the Crazy to Irvine Speech (6 comments) IPT News May 17, 2012
Jamal Badawi: Enduring Link to ISNA's Radical Past IPT News May 8, 2012
ICNA Relief Promotes Jihad Donations (1 comment) IPT News May 2, 2012
The New York Times Collaborates with Hamas Front Group to Suppress the Truth (2 comments) IPT News January 25, 2012
Raising Money for "Lady Al-Qaida" (1 comment) IPT News December 19, 2011
Excerpt from Committee to Stop FBI Repression Press Conference (1 comment) December 15, 2011
Conspiracies, Terrorist Defense Videoed at Anti NYPD Rally (1 comment) IPT News December 1, 2011
Steven Emerson on C-SPAN - Washington Journal (1 comment) C-SPAN November 25, 2011
Excerpt from 'Islamist Radicalization: Myth or Reality?' November 17, 2011
Michael Coren with Steve Emerson: Jihad In America (2 comments) Sun News - Canada November 9, 2011
Emerson on CNBC discussing the Current Terror Threat Interview on CNBC September 9, 2011
Emerson Interviewed on Fox News on Current Terror Threat (1 comment) Interview on Fox News September 9, 2011
Emerson on Fox Business Discusses Center for American Progress Report (1 comment) Fox Business Channel August 30, 2011
The World According to Amir Mertaban (1 comment) IPT News June 1, 2011
IPT's Ari Sasson on Indian Television Debates Former Pakistani Interior Minister Interview on Times on India May 10, 2011
Locker on Fox News Discusses the bin Laden Intelligence Haul Interview on Fox News May 10, 2011
CAIR's Great FBI Scare Lecture IPT News May 10, 2011
Locker on Canadian Television Discussing Pakistani Intelligence Interview on Sun News Canada May 9, 2011
Orange County's Misguided Award (3 comments) IPT News April 21, 2011
Keith Ellison's Slurs (5 comments) IPT News April 13, 2011
Emerson on Fox News discussing Durbin's relationship with Radical Islamic Groups Interview on Fox News March 29, 2011
Compelling Testimony, Political Theater at Radicalization Hearing (4 comments) IPT News March 10, 2011
Locker interviewed on WUSA9 on King Hearings Interview on WUSA March 10, 2011
Bylaws Disappear from Brotherhood's English-language Site IPT News February 28, 2011
Emerson on Fox News Discussing Nidal Hasan's Prosecution Fox News February 12, 2011
FBI Chief: Muslim Brotherhood Supports Terrorism (8 comments) IPT News February 10, 2011
Emerson on Fox News discussing current U.S. vulnerabilities to terrorist attacks Interview on Fox News December 27, 2010
Emerson on CSPAN discussing Islamic terrorism in the United States Interview on CSPAN December 27, 2010
EMERSON on CBS Early Show Discusses Terrorist Threats Faced by U.S. (1 comment) Interview on CBS Early Show December 24, 2010
Virginia Imam's Long Radical Record IPT News November 4, 2010
Cargo Bomb Maker Discovered IPT News November 1, 2010
Steve Emerson on Fox News Discussing Latest Homegrown Terror Plots (1 comment) Interview on Fox News October 28, 2010
Steve Emerson on MSNBC discussing Imminent Islamic Terrorist Threat in Europe Interview on MSNBC October 2, 2010
Moderate Muslims Speak Out on Capitol Hill (9 comments) IPT News October 1, 2010
IPT Testifies on Trends in Terror Financing IPT News September 30, 2010
Fox Showcases IPT Story on Rauf's "9/11 Truther" Partner (1 comment) Fox News September 14, 2010
Ground Zero Mosque Group Includes 9/11 Denier (11 comments) IPT News September 13, 2010
IPT's Ray Locker on Fox News discussing questions surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque's financing Interview on Fox News September 4, 2010
Another Islamist Rally for Hate in D.C. (16 comments) IPT News September 4, 2010
New Questions for Imam Rauf Fox News September 1, 2010
Emerson on Fox News Discussing the Growing Threat of al-Qaida's Affiliate Groups (1 comment) Interview on Fox News August 28, 2010
Emerson on MSNBC Discussing Islamic Terrorist Groups (1 comment) Interview on MSNBC August 25, 2010
Rauf Lecture Reveals Radicalism (17 comments) IPT News August 23, 2010
Ray Locker on WUSA-9 Discussing The Escalating Homegrown Terror Threat Interview on WUSA-9 August 20, 2010
MAS Ducks IPT Questions (1 comment) IPT News August 17, 2010
Emerson on CNN discussing Homegrown Youth Radicalization Interview on CNN August 9, 2010
Awlaki's U.S. Sermons Foreshadow Role as Terrorist Mentor (1 comment) IPT News July 26, 2010
Emerson on CNN discussing Al Qaeda's New Magazine (3 comments) Interview on CNN July 20, 2010
Emerson on Fox News Discusses Mosque Controversies Interview on Fox News July 2, 2010
Mansur: Ignoring Muslim-on-Muslim Violence Undercuts U.S. Interests (5 comments) IPT News June 15, 2010
Mahdi Bray's Slippery Evasions (3 comments) IPT News June 10, 2010
Law Enforcement Fears Shabaab Infiltration IPT News June 4, 2010
Malik Ali: Supports Hamas and Hizballah Over "New Nazis" (8 comments) IPT News May 13, 2010
Who is Jihad Jamie? (1 comment) Interview on MSNBC March 15, 2010
Homegrown Terror: Arrests Raise Concerns of Radicalized Muslims Interview on Fox News March 13, 2010
Threat of Homegrown Terrorism (1 comment) Interview on C-SPAN March 12, 2010
Who is Jihad Jane? Interview on MSNBC March 10, 2010
PA Woman Charged with Recruiting Jihadists Killers Online Interview on Fox News March 10, 2010
Excerpt from 'The Siege Continues, The Struggle Goes on: The Honorable George Galloway' January 31, 2010
House Homeland Security Hearing on Christmas Day 2009 Bombing Attempt (2 comments) January 28, 2010
Did Botched Terror Try Reveal Others in the Works? MSNBC January 2, 2010
Terror Probe: How Many Warning Signs Were Missed? MSNBC January 2, 2010
Officials Looking at Suspect's Ties with Radical Cleric Al-Awlaki MSNBC January 1, 2010
Retracing Terror Suspect's Steps Interview on MSNBC December 31, 2009
Report of Second Airline Bombing Attempt Interview on Fox News December 30, 2009
Former Gitmo Detainees Behind Plot? Interview on MSNBC December 30, 2009
Systemic Failure Interview on The Early Show on CBS December 30, 2009
Will Smart Screening Aid Airports Against Terrorists? (1 comment) Interview on World News on ABC December 30, 2009
Al Qaeda Regional Group Claims Responsibility for Plane Plot Interview on Fox News December 30, 2009
The Yemen Factor Interview on CNN December 30, 2009
Is it Time to Start Profiling Airline Passengers? Interview on Fox News December 29, 2009
Should Airports Use "Smart Screening"? (5 comments) Interview on Good Morning America December 29, 2009
Al Qaeda Taking Advantage of Instability in Yemen Interview on MSNBC December 28, 2009
Terror Suspect: Warning Signs Missed? Interview on MSNBC December 27, 2009
Alleged Terrorist Attack on Passenger Jet Interview on MSNBC December 26, 2009
Terrorist Attack Thwarted (2 comments) Interview on Fox News December 26, 2009
Radical Imam Believed Dead in Yemen Airstrike Interview on Fox News December 24, 2009
George Galloway in Jordan speaking on behalf of Viva Palestina (4 comments) December 23, 2009
Five Men from DC-Area Detained in Pakistan Interview on WTTG December 10, 2009
Pakistan Detains 5 Americans in Raid Tied to Militants Interview on FOX News December 10, 2009
Five Men Found in Pakistan Interview on WUSA December 10, 2009
The Threat of Homegrown Terrorism C-SPAN November 29, 2009
Hasan Attorney: No Guilty Plea But May Use Insanity Defense Interview on Fox News November 23, 2009
Terror Trials in the U.S. Interview on MSNBC November 15, 2009
Who is Khalid Sheik Mohammed? (1 comment) Interview on MSNBC November 15, 2009
President Obama Orders Intelligence Review of Accused Fort Hood Killer (1 comment) Interview on Fox News November 12, 2009
Could the FBI have Prevented the Fort Hood Attack? (1 comment) Interview on Fox News November 11, 2009
FBI Investigating Possible Terror Ties of Fort Hood Suspect (3 comments) Interview on Fox News November 9, 2009
IPT Executive Director Steven Emerson on the Fort Hood Attacks (7 comments) IPT News November 6, 2009
Muslim Radical Slaying Victim Has Ties To Atlanta WSB TV October 30, 2009
Jasser Challenges Congressman on Reform's Value (7 comments) IPT News October 2, 2009
NY Terror Suspect Enters Not Guilty Plea (1 comment) Interview on Fox News September 29, 2009
Uptick in Domestic Terror? (2 comments) Interview on CNBC September 25, 2009
Al-Quds Day – Celebrating Hate and Supporting Terror (3 comments) IPT News September 23, 2009
FBI: Investigating Several Other Suspects in U.S. & Pakistan Interview on FOX News September 23, 2009
Al-Quds Day Rally: Washington, D.C. (4 comments) September 18, 2009
Terror Arrests on the Rise (3 comments) Interview on CNN July 29, 2009
Americans Planning Jihad? Interview on CNN July 28, 2009
Hizb ut-Tahrir: Constitution Will Lose (9 comments) IPT News July 19, 2009
Hizb ut-Tahrir: Spread Islam or Die Trying (16 comments) IPT News July 19, 2009
Emerson on Fox News: Jihadi Convention in Chicago? (1 comment) Interview on FOX News July 17, 2009
Internet Video Threat Surfaces Interview on FOX News July 10, 2009
Warith Deen Umar: Homosexuality and Hurricane Katrina July 5, 2009
Warith Deen Umar: "There Should be More Jihad" July 5, 2009
Warith Deen Umar: Jewish "Tricks" July 5, 2009
Warith Deen Umar: Jews "Have Control of the World" (11 comments) July 5, 2009
U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf: Who is CAIR? June 12, 2009
Are Homegrown Terrorists More Dangerous than al Qaeda? Interview on CNN June 10, 2009
Emerson on Fox News: How Real is the Threat of Homegrown Terror in the US? Fox News - Red Eye June 10, 2009
Syed Haris Ahmed and Ehsanul Islam Sadequee - surveillance at the Capitol June 5, 2009
Syed Haris Ahmed and Ehsanul Islam Sadequee - Pentagon night surveillance June 5, 2009
Syed Haris Ahmed and Ehsanul Islam Sadequee - Pentagon surveillance video June 5, 2009
Obama's Message To Muslims (4 comments) Interview on MSNBC June 4, 2009
New Osama Bin Laden Recording Slams President Obama's Mideast Trip Interview on MSNBC June 3, 2009
Detailed List of Sensitive Nuclear Sites Mistakenly Posted Online Interview on MSNBC June 3, 2009
New Bin Laden Recording Accuses Obama of Planting Seeds of Hatred Across America (2 comments) Interview on MSNBC June 3, 2009
Emerson on Fox News: Law Enforcement Focuses on Threat of Homegrown Terrorism (1 comment) Fox News May 25, 2009
Emerson on MSNBC: Gitmo Effect - More Terror? Interview on MSNBC May 23, 2009
Emerson on CNN: Obama vs. Cheney (5 comments) CNN: Campbell Brown, No Bias, No Bull May 22, 2009
9/11 Aerial Slideshow (2 comments) May 15, 2009
Excerpt from the CAIR-New York Annual Banquet & Fundraiser May 9, 2009
CAIR-NY's 2009 'Safe While Free' Award May 9, 2009
Cyberspies Threatening U.S.? Interview on MSNBC April 8, 2009
Mahdi Bray: A Sampler (1 comment) March 26, 2009
Al-Jowari to be Released from Prison Interview on FOX 5 News February 1, 2009
U.S. Official: Bin Laden Video Tape is Authentic (1 comment) Interview on Fox News January 14, 2009
New Audio Tape Purportedly from Osama bin Laden Released This Morning Interview on MSNBC January 14, 2009
Gaza War Protests or Pro-Hamas Hate Rallies? (8 comments) IPT News January 14, 2009
Pro-HAMAS Rallies Billed as "Anti War" Protests (1 comment) Interview on Fox News January 9, 2009
Is The Media Fair In Its Portrayal Of The Israeli-Hamas Conflict? (6 comments) Interview on Fox News January 7, 2009
Digging Deeper Into the HLF Trial IPT News November 25, 2008
Malik Ali at UC-Irvine: Obama a "Deception" November 19, 2008
Terrorism Attacks on Yemen: Is Al Qaeda trying to influence the election while everyone is so focused on the economy? (1 comment) FOX 5 News September 17, 2008
9/11: Seven Years Later (3 comments) CNBC September 11, 2008
Al Qaeda Website Posts Call To Attack Water Supply (2 comments) Fox News August 19, 2008
Former Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel Advocates Stalking Federal Prosecutor on Al-Arian Case (1 comment) Fox News August 5, 2008
Ex Presidential Candidate Advocates Stalking Prosecutor (7 comments) IPT News August 5, 2008
Jihadi Group to Run Ad on Subways in New York (1 comment) Fox News July 21, 2008
The First Detainees at Gitmo Charged with War Crimes Go on Trial Fox News July 20, 2008
Israeli Military Held Large-scale Excercise in May Fox News June 20, 2008
Al-Asi Reaffirms Views on Suicide Bombing May 12, 2008
How real is the threat of homegrown terror in the US? Fox News March 29, 2008
Al Qaeda 2.0 Fox News March 27, 2008
Al-Qaeda Recruiting Videos Show Boys in Terror Training (1 comment) Fox News February 6, 2008
Are Islamist Groups Trying to Influence the White House Race? Fox News January 16, 2008
Expert on Radical Islam Fired from Pentagon Fox News January 11, 2008
Holy Land Foundation Juror Breaks Her Silence Fox News December 20, 2007
Williams Interview December 10, 2007
Chavez Still a Threat Despite Referendum Defeat Fox News December 3, 2007
The Point: Is U.S. Next for Violent Protests? CNN Headline - Glenn Beck November 28, 2007
Ohio No Stranger to Radical Islam CBN News October 22, 2007
Mistrial declared for 5 of 6 in Holy Land Foundation Trial Fox News October 22, 2007
U.S. Weighs Options on Iran After Israeli Strike on Syria MSNBC October 15, 2007
Tensions from Israeli Strike on Syrian Nuke Site MSNBC October 15, 2007
Al Qaeda intensifying efforts to get operatives within U.S. borders MSNBC October 14, 2007
White House Predicts Al-Qaeda Wants to Send Terrorists Here MSNBC October 13, 2007
HAMAS Teaching Kids to Kill Fox News October 12, 2007
Hamas Indoctrinates Children…Again IPT News October 4, 2007
"Controversial Muslim Resigns from Virginia Commission" Fox News September 27, 2007
Tale of the Tape CNN Headline September 10, 2007
Homeland Security Chief: We Are Unequivocally Safer Post 9/11 MSNBC September 6, 2007
Suspects Allegedly Belong to Cell of Islamic Jihad Group Fox News September 6, 2007
"Terror Handbook Gives Advice on How to Form Jihad Cells" Fox News August 31, 2007
"Two Florida Students Indicted on Explosives Charges" MSNBC August 31, 2007
"Concerns Raised Over D.O.J. Sponsorship of Islamic Convention" Fox News August 29, 2007
"Jose Padilla" MSNBC August 16, 2007
Qatanani on Greater Syria August 3, 2007
Imam Qatanani prays for HLF defendants July 27, 2007
"Holy Land Foundation Trial" Fox News July 18, 2007
"Resurgence of Al-Qaeda" Fox News July 16, 2007
"U.K. Attempted Car Bombings" CNN Headline - Glenn Beck July 6, 2007
"Pakistan" Fox News June 17, 2007
Qatanani: Followers of Jesus, Hypocrites Condemned to Hellfire June 8, 2007
"JFK Terror Plot" NBC June 4, 2007
"Adam Gadahn Video" CNN Headline - Glenn Beck May 30, 2007
"New Poll on U.S. Muslim Youth" CNBC May 23, 2007
"Ties Between Al-Qaeda and Iran" CNN Headline - Glenn Beck May 22, 2007
"Fort Dix Islamist Terrorist Plot" MSNBC May 12, 2007
"Muslim-American Society: American Friend or Foe?" Fox News April 15, 2007
MSA's Mertaban on Bin Laden April 13, 2007
MSA's Mertaban on Sadr April 13, 2007
"Muslim Brotherhood at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and Al-Sadr's Threat" Fox News April 9, 2007
"New Textbook Reportedly Teaching Palestinian Children to Fight Israel" Fox News April 4, 2007
"Hamas TV Showing 4 Year Old Girl Vowing Suicide Bombing" Fox News March 23, 2007
"The Truth About CAIR" Fox News March 14, 2007
Malik Ali: Redefining Terrorism (1 comment) March 3, 2007
Ayloush: Saddam Trial Illegitimate and Unjust (1 comment) January 5, 2007
"Omar Shaheen" CNBC December 1, 2006
Ashraf Ismail: Islam to be preeminent September 23, 2006
"Tunnel Terror: Are We Safe?" CNN August 11, 2006
"Terror Threat on Transit Systems" NBC August 11, 2006
"The Playboy Terrorist" MSNBC July 10, 2006
"Terror Arrests: Plot to Attack Buildings" NBC June 23, 2006
CAIR's Ayloush and Genocide June 21, 2006
"Terrorism out of Canada" MSNBC June 5, 2006
"Jihadists in New York" Fox News April 24, 2006
Islamic Thinkers Society in NYC (1 comment) April 20, 2006
"Guilty of Conspiracy: Sami Al-Arian" Fox News April 17, 2006
"A Free Pass to Radical Islam" MSNBC March 15, 2006
MPAC's Maher Hathout on Al-Arian March 12, 2006
"Is Bush Safe in Pakistan?" NBC March 3, 2006
Parvez Ahmed, "Religious and Political Perspectives on the Cartoon Controversy", National Press Club February 16, 2006
"Al Qaeda Speaks" Fox News January 21, 2006
Hamud's Conspiracy Theories at CAIR August 18, 2005
Hamud at CAIR on suicide bombings August 18, 2005
Al Marayati Speaks Against FBI Informants (2 comments) July 1, 2005
Dirty Kuffar Music Video (2 comments) June 21, 2005
Islamic Thinkers Society desecrates flag June 8, 2005
Al-Asi on Terrorism May 18, 2005
Training Imams in Europe: Italy Chooses the Wrong Partner Counterterrorism Blog May 17, 2005
N.Y. Muslim Police Chaplain: White House = Terrorists April 15, 2005
Johari: Islam will be USA's First Religion (1 comment) November 12, 2004
CAIR's Bedier Won't Condemn PIJ May 27, 2004
Children Reenacting Berg Beheading (1 comment) May 12, 2004
Warith Deen Umar: "Be prepared to kill" January 10, 2004
Warith Deen Umar on Terror January 10, 2004
Imam Musa on Jihad May 24, 2003
"Let them Burn" December 26, 2002
Elsayed: Suicide Bombers are In-House Business (3 comments) December 26, 2002
MWL's al-Turki on Suicide Bombings July 8, 2002
Al-Muhajiroun Outside Indian Consulate in NYC June 21, 2002
Imam Abdul Alim Musa on Suicide Bombers June 8, 2002
Al-Asi: "We're going to use force" May 15, 2002
Abdul Malik Ali at SF State, Part II (1 comment) April 9, 2002
Abdul Malik Ali at SF State, Part I (1 comment) April 9, 2002
Bakri Muhammad: Islam and Kufr at War November 15, 2001
Musa defends cop-killer - threatens U.S. September 9, 2001
Islamist Groups Condemn US Support for Israel June 5, 2001
Al Muhajiroun demonstration in New York City (1 comment) April 28, 2001
Muhammad Al-Asi - Ghetto Jews (1 comment) February 21, 2001
Esam Omeish, Jerusalem Day Rally, 12-22-2000, Full Speech (5 comments) December 22, 2000
Rasha El Dasuqi fundraising for arms November 26, 2000
Musa Celebrates Martyrs October 28, 2000
Muzzamil Siddiqui at Jerusalem Rally (1 comment) October 28, 2000
Hathout at Jerusalem Day Rally October 28, 2000
Rally at Lafayette Park: Alamoudi (1 comment) October 28, 2000
Omeish congratulates those who give up their lives. October 6, 2000
Nihad Awad, Al Awda Rally, NYC September 16, 2000
Issa Nakhleh, IAP November 26, 1999
Ghoneim: No to the Jews May 24, 1998
Alamoudi: "You can be violent anywhere else.. December 28, 1996
HIzballah Recruitment Video April 1, 1996
Hizballah Graduation Video April 1, 1996
CAIR's Awad: In support of the Hamas Movement (3 comments) March 22, 1994
Catovic: The Caliphate is our goal December 25, 1992
Kamal Helbawy - MAYA-IAP 1992 December 1992
Fawaz Damra on Jews: Sons of Monkeys and Pigs September 29, 1991
Al-Arian: "Allah Turned the Jews into Monkeys and Pigs" (3 comments) September 29, 1991
Al-Arian: "Victory to Islam, Death to Israel" September 29, 1991
Al-Arian: "Let us damn America" April 7, 1991
Al-Arian's "Active Arm" (1 comment) April 7, 1991
Fawaz Damra Fundraising for Jihad April 7, 1991

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Hamas Admits Deporting Foreign Journalists Who Filmed Rocket Launches For The Record - The IPT Blog August 15, 2014
Hamas, Fatah Military Wings Produce Rockets, Threaten Attacks (2 comments) For The Record - The IPT Blog August 14, 2014
MB Cleric Qaradawi Still Loving Hamas and Hating Jews For The Record - The IPT Blog July 31, 2014
IDF Finds Hamas Training Manual; Hospitals Used as Terrorist Bases For The Record - The IPT Blog July 29, 2014
Obama Supporters: President's Re-election Means 'No More Israel' (4 comments) For The Record - The IPT Blog November 8, 2012
Yemen's Rising Prominence For The Record - The IPT Blog January 19, 2011