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Perhaps Mr.Netanyahu

Submitted by Israel Sonnenschein, Aug 16, 2014 14:41

I'm just another armchair general, I agree with Mickey and would like to add, that, the time of elimination of Hammas has come for sure.

Besrat Hashem you'll succeed

Israel Sonnenschein


Perhaps it is time.

Submitted by Mickey Oberman, Aug 14, 2014 14:58

Perhaps, Mr. Netanyahu, you should take these films as the truth.

Perhaps, sir, you should dispense with the farcical attempts at truces and cease fires and dreams of peace with these savages who only use these pauses to regroup and rearm.

Perhaps, Mr. Prime Minister, the time has come for the total elimination of Hamas and Fatah and the complete destruction of all their facilities.

Perhaps it is time you heeded the majority of your people who are weary of recurring wars.

Perhaps, Bibi, you might listen to armchair generals like me who have no qualifications other than a deep love and concern for our fellow Jews and the land of Israel.

Mickey Oberman


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