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You are the BEST reporter of news analysis.

Submitted by Ren, May 28, 2009 16:43

You are the most stable, informed and truthful commentator. We hope you will always continue your fight against terrorists. Can you please tell Obama that terrorists are NOT detainees. That's like calling Hitler NASTY.


Steven gets it right again and CNN gets mud in the face; again!!!

Submitted by David, May 27, 2009 15:55

Clearly SE got the best of this dialog not through shear force but FACTS. Radical Islam has been around since Islam's inception and GITMO doesn't factor in any conversation in regards to battling Radical Islam on the American Front. While the progressive movement currently in power is playing partisan politics while trying to reach out to our enemies, these very enemies are building training camps right here in the US and our last two administrations are playing word games so the general public can't even tell who we are fighting. I wonder what Obama would call the Nazi's if Hitler was still in power, perhaps 'man made extremists' or 'trouble some beings' or even 'people with a different perspective' that just need special social programs geared for their special needs. Just take a look at Holland, Germany, and the UK to see what is in store for America. Well we got what we asked for, a open boarder/socialist 'czar' running our Homeland security who considers conservative potential terrorists and Islamic terrorist made made problems; go figure


Thanks Steven; The Truth Shall Keep Us Free.

Submitted by Paul Scott, May 25, 2009 13:57

In a time of so much informational "slight of hand" and double speak; it is refreshing to hear straight talk that speaks to the core of the issue. Terror calls for a different response than any other conflict. Radical Islam does not play by the Geneva Convention or any other "rules of war"; they have no respect for their lives or any other human lives. How can you deal reasonably with people with no reasoning faculties? How long will we last carrying knives, handguns and law books into nuclear and biological fights? Our government's cow towing to public opinion could leave us vulnerable to complete annihilation; but at least future civilizations will know us having been kind to our enemies.


Great job Mr. Emerson

Submitted by Jack Cohen, May 24, 2009 09:44

Strikingly articulate and well put together arguements. Fantastic job on helping the American people understand the real issues so that we can keep America safe.


Well Done Steven

Submitted by Rich Davis, May 24, 2009 07:50

Great Job - in the short time you had, you were able to give concise reasonable answers. We are at war and these terrorists should remain at Gitmo and not be allowed into the US where they could recruit and radicalize more people to become terrorists.

Thanks for all you do Steven!


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