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Complacency Kills

Submitted by Ray, Sep 5, 2008 14:05

I agree that America has once again become complacent. Recently in the town in which I reside, public outcry resulted from the Police Department announcing that they would be "hardening" the Police Operations Center with a wall surrounding it. The comments regarding this, the lack of knowledge about radical Islam and terrorism in general was sickening. As was the fact that most people who commented on the newspaper article were "confident" that our city of 300,000 plus was is no danger from a terrorist attack. Even with 5 military installations in, or very near.

What the public gains from Foxnews, CNN, and other news sources does not serve a purpose other than reporting on specific events. What the people need to hear is the underlying cause and effect that has brought radical Islam to this point and the dangers that it poses to the West. And if I may be a bit biased here; more specifically to the United States.


Appearances on Dumb and Dumber

Submitted by number 6, Aug 19, 2008 19:13

How come no one from the IPT appears on Dumb and Dumber (a.k.a Hannity and Colmes) anymore? I miss seeing Steve Emerson kick Alan Colmes' skinny behind.


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