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moderate vs radical muslims/islamists

Submitted by Jan, Nov 26, 2015 01:56

When will the so called 'experts' acknowledge that the underlying problem is Muslims/Islamists and not radical vs moderate. The Koran that all Muslims 'subscribe to/accept/etc is very clear as to what is the duty of Muslims is in regard to how to deal with non-Muslims. When will we wake-up and accept this?


Dershowitz is a stooge!

Submitted by robert, Nov 22, 2015 15:01

Alan, it is not our responsibility to get them out. Your example of Jews turned away in WWll is moving but not relevant here. I hurt for those Jews but this is not the same. Your "anti-Muslim fear" is nonsense and you should rethink. We are anti- terrorist and anti-getting killed. If the French had hand guns and open carry, this might have ended VERY differently.


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