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sciopathic career criminals

Mar 27, 2016 15:42

Fezzani and those like him are committed zealot sociopathic career criminals and reformation by any means is unsuccessful. Recidivism is to be expected and therefore indefinite detention ( or execution) is the only solution society can impose to prevent them from another act of violence.



Submitted by Rose K, Mar 25, 2016 18:49

hmmmm! Finger pointing or denials, who knows but the real fact is these people DO NOT assimilate, nor do they respect in the people and culture or laws of the countries they go to or another's faith---- that said to help them, those that honestly need and want help- not welfare freebies but help from the heart, IS to do so on and in their own countries and land, period! Wake up people how many red flags, and/or facts and blood shed, never mind the disrespect and debt to a Country, does one need???


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