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America is out of step with the real world???

Submitted by Carol Mcl, Oct 5, 2014 13:58

WorldWatchman, I don't understand part of your comment. The Islamic world is a threat to Europe, Africa, Asia and the US, so how is it only we are out of step with the rest of the world? Europe is 10x more politically correct than we are and they are in deeper doodoo with this shizz (the enemy among them) than we are! I will grant you that our government is disfunctional tho, and that we let the enemy live among us, which is insane.

Lutz Bars, you don't seem to know history. the US and Israel did not create this as they were not around for the first 1000 years of Islamic history when Muslims were creating this same kind of hate and discontent in Africa, Europe and Asia. Don't pin this on anyone exceptn Islam, where it belongs. The Islamic countries are not even at peace! Various factions of Islam at war with each other...


Holder resigns

Submitted by Paul Sutliff, Sep 25, 2014 12:49

Is it not interesting that after all the scandals Erik Holder has suffered, that the release of information that he created restrictions on the FBI from actively pursuing terrorists is enough for him to say he is in the process of resigning.

Of course this means nothing until he has submitted his resignation and is no longer in office.


USA et.al

Submitted by Lutz Barz, Sep 8, 2014 05:47

Amerikan & Israeli policies created this monster. So don't be so surprised it breathes the same fire and brimstone that you two have been inundating the Middle East with.


There must be a way for the citizens to use the courts to curb this president

Submitted by Andrew H., Sep 7, 2014 21:03

There must be a way for ordinary citizens who have already suffered because of Obama's "stand down" type orders to all law enforcement agencies when it comes to investigating Muslims, there must be a way for the victims of the Boston bombing to launch a class action suit against the president and the Justice Department. Since our representatives won't or can't do it, the people of the United States must do it. And if there is no law to let us do it legally then the people must do what they did to form the country in the first place.


The enemy within

Submitted by WorldWatchman, Sep 7, 2014 21:02

All this "political correctness" is to blame for allowing our enemy to live among us. It's truly pathetic. Both political parties are to blame. America is imploding and we can only blame our government for being so dysfunctional and out of step with the real world.


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