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proud of O'Reilly

Submitted by Tabitha, Sep 15, 2010 20:45

Bravo to Bill O'Reilly for being among the few who wants to inform the public about the dangers of Islam. So many in our country have become apologetic of Islam; Colmes thinks it's time to forget 9/11, we're talking about it too much, and it's time to move on! These apologists want to overlook and forgive Muslim terrorism, so that no one will prevent future activity. Too many in our country are boycotting Israel (the WCC, umbrella organization of 55 million Protestants, and other businesses), trying to make it the focus of all the ills in the world, and allow Islam to continue business as usual. We know Muslims burn their own people, but we only speak up when someone wants to burn a qur'an. We know how they stone their women, amputate limbs, decapitate people who dare to speak out against their treatment, but we focus on Israel's attempt to keep its people safe from neighboring terrorism.

Well, thanks, Bill O'Reilly!


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