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In Defense of our children

Submitted by BZ, Sep 10, 2015 23:12

I would deserve a "punch in the face" if I allowed my children to act in such a manner.

But we as a people do have a problem in shielding our children totally when it comes to terrorism. The age of the children in the video is a bit young, but once ours are closer to their teens, we should, at the least, make them aware of the danger involved with terrorism/jihadism. We should teach them at least the basics of defending themselves in these areas. The enemy is teaching their kids to kill the infidel, while our kids have no idea what an infidel is.

With terror attacks and events becoming more prevalent in the U.S., our kids will grow up knowing little about national security and self defense in comparison to our enemies kids who will be trained to fight against and kill our upcoming generation. If we don't make our kids aware of the threat, they won't recognize it nor will they know how to deal with it when it is upon them.

We don't want an upcoming generation who is totally defenseless against a brutal enemy. Those in the video are kids now but could become killers in the future. We would be irresponsible as parents and as a nation if we didn't at least make our kids aware, once they are at an age where they can understand the threat.





Submitted by Steve, May 7, 2010 04:19

Wow kids should not even be exposed to that kind of content, the parents should be ashamed of allowing their kids to view that material, and should not have renacted it out of respect for the victim and soiling their childrens minds thinking its ok and fun to disgrace the dead by renacting their death, Just wrong, i would punch u in the face if i saw u letting your children do this.


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