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The Impossibility of Honest Open Debate with Muslims

Submitted by DRHazard, Jun 23, 2016 15:55

If you're a Musliim you believe the Quran is the direct word of God. You also believe that the Hadith are necessary to understand the meaning of the Quran's ambiguous and contradictory verses.

This presents an almost insurmountable obstacle for a Muslim who doesn't believe everything in the Quran. For instance, if you think slavery is immoral then you only have the choice of keeping it to yourself, deceiving yourself or lying. This is also why it may be impossible to "reform" Islam. As far as I have seen or heard most of the Westernized Muslims who try to defend their faith in public either make completely false claims, change the subject or just don't know what they're talking about. My experience in online debates with Muslims has repeatedly confirmed that many Muslims are completely deaf to reason and are so insecure they can only do one of the above options or jump straight into ad hominem attacks.

So that leaves the tiny minority of Muslims willing to go public and actually admit the truth about what they believe. Sadly, they then become targets of Muslims of all kinds as well as otherwise open-minded and left leaning Westerners who are too stupid to know the difference between criticizing the doctrines of Islam and hating Muslims.

Hillary is actually one of those people. She does NOT want an open and honest dialogue. She wants a dialogue where any statement of fact about Islam is surrounded with justifications, apologies, excuses, and disregard for reality.

What is needed is wide spread education about facts. When Muslims actual find out what is really in the Quran and Hadith they often just leave the faith. This is the only way out as far as I can see - more and more apostasy.


'Full Spectrum'

Submitted by Abbushuki, Jun 23, 2016 15:39

All the way from Y to Z!

CAIR is an insurgent agency infesting the Democratic Party, trying to spread the Big Lie that Islam is nothing but peace and love. But please don't mention their dipping Christians into Hydrochloric acid baths or using them for a bar B Q. Don't mention gay dropping from tall buildings, though... it's Islamophobic. Beware when they declare loudly that 'jihad' is simply a personal challange. Yeah. CAIR is the spearhead of their Islamic Caliphate in the U.S. and nothing less.


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