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truth and lies

Submitted by everton scally, Jan 26, 2012 18:22

this is how it works someone asks a question you answer it, to not is to be arrogant. An to be totally arrogant on the larger scale is to answer a question with another question. CAIR supports terrorist activities otherwise they would have answered the simple question, instead of shirking the real answer. Facists always lie its a fact and islam calls for lying to infidels and non believers of their cultic system that is pure evil. The reason is because they only allow!!! their system and no other fact. If I am lying do the research look at the islamic system in the countries of the middle east and search for other religious systems and you will find non. Why because facist islam will not allow any other faith fact!!! they were in league with the nazis in the middle east during the war fact!!! If im lying do the research its available if you chk and see, the truth is out there if you have the patience to read it for yourselves. you can see what is what by its actions and lies are of the darkness and illumination(fake light) where truth is filled with pure light of the world


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