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Submitted by Gail Cox, Dec 17, 2014 21:05

I have lived in ISRAEL for 5 years through the last interfada , going into enemy territory and much else...I teach now as I have for the past 4 years weekly for 4 hours each time I do on ISRAEL , Mid-East and political affairs, have almost daily contact over there and know Steve Emerson personally who is the greatest expert on all this of anyone I know, and let me say this... Until we get it here, and around the world you cannot be the friend of the Moslems or Terrorists and not be affected, we will be in trouble. Also for the news media to spend so much time on these terrorists and what they do only fuels the fire to make them do more to gain the notoriety...enough on this and lets all band together to let the world know the truth - a terrorist is a terrorists is a terrorist no mater what terms you try to use. PERIOD!


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