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The "Two Nakbas" and dealing with refugees

Submitted by Mike 71, May 21, 2012 12:57

If anyone goes to Israel in search of squalid refugee camps filled with Jews expelled from Arab nations, you will not find them! Israel integrated those displaced persons as citizens with full rights; Israel does not use refugees as "political footballs" to gain political advantage!

All Middle-East refugee issues should be resolved symmetrically: full integration into their new homelands, compensation for lost homes and personal property, but no "right of return" for either group! Both Arabs and Jews suffered displacement as a result of Arab refusal to accept the 1947 partition of the British Mandate, In that respect, they brought war and the "Nakba" upon themselves.

The consequences of the Palestinian "one to the exclusion of the other" doctrine has been exclusion of themselves from statehood. That has resulted in Israel being the "one state," while Palestinians remain isolated, impoverished and stateless!


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