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A must see video on how our politicians ignore our enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood

Submitted by Frank Livingston, Aug 23, 2015 08:47

"In 2012, TheBlaze released "The Project," one of the most important documentaries we've ever done! It exposes how Islamic extremists plan to infiltrate and defeat the West, and reveals the shocking documents being withheld from the public by the Department of Justice." http://www.theblaze.com/theproject


Sen. Burr (RINO-NC) will not hold hearings inb the Muslim Brotherhood! WHY?

Submitted by Frank Livingston, Aug 23, 2015 08:39

Democrats ignore our enemy! The RINO/GOP leadership/followers in the Republican Party refuse to hold hearings on our enemy! The useless media ignore our enemy! Here is an example: I have been trying since 2008 to get Sen. Burr (RINO-NC) and other politicians to request hearings on the removal of our subject matter expert (SME) on Shariah/Islamic law, Stephen Coughlin, DoD/JCS during Bush administration simply because an Islamist, a Muslim, Hersham Islam complained to "Gullible" Gordon England about the speeches Coughlin had been making and the analysis he wrote for the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008.

Hesham Islam, a Muslim was a personal aide to deputy Defense secretary Gordon England and complained that Coughlin was a "Christian zealot with a pen" during a meeting, a slur rejected by Mr. Coughlin's supporters. Coughlin was telling hard facts that could save military lives and help us win the war against jihadists. Hersham Islam protested Coughlin's research made a connection between Islamic law and terror.

On February 10, 2010 I received a call from Sen. Burr's then chief of staff Chris Joyner who is now the staff director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in which RINO Burr is the chairman! I asked him if Sen. Burr would request hearings by the Senate Armed Service Committee Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities of which he was a member and I was told NO, it would not happen. When I asked why, he just repeated, NO, it would not happen!

Stephen Coughlin is warning us is anyone listening? Who is Stephen Coughlin you ask?

Stephen Coughlin a leading national security advisor and Islamic law expert explains how and why America is losing to jihadists in his new book: "Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of the Jihad".

On page #12 Coughlin writes, "I had entered the Intelligence Directorate adhering to the traditional methods of analysis. Soon, however, I discovered that within the division there seemed to be a preference for political correctness over accuracy and for models that were generated not by what the enemy said he was, but on what academics and "cultural advisors" said the enemy needed to be, based on contrived social science theories."
It seemed the enemy was aware of this as well. Forces hostile to the United States in the War on Terror appeared to have successfully calculated that they could win the war by convincing our national security leaders of the immorality of studying and knowing the enemy." (snip)



Who in DoD is deflecting conversation about 4GW?

Submitted by Frank Livingston, Aug 23, 2015 08:33

Our government was infiltrated by our enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood decades ago and implemented what they call their "Civilization-Jihad Process", a plan presented in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008 and was not contested in court or during the appeals process. Neither the House, Senate either Democrat or Republican will hold hearings on the Muslim Brotherhood and the plan they are employing within our government. Oh, their plan is working quite well by the way! How do we know this; because the media, House and Senate refuse to address the issue and review their Civilization-Jihad plan? Here is an example!

Who in DoD is deflecting conversations about 4GW?

Take time to read "The Changing Face of War - Into the Fourth Generation" by Lind, Nightengale, Schmitt, Sutton and Wilson published in the October 1989 Marine Corps Gazette.

"The first is a component of collapsing the enemy. It is a shift in focus from the enemy's front to his rear. Terrorism must seek to collapse the enemy from within as it has little capability (at least at present) to inflict widespread destruction."

Terrorists use a free society's freedom and openness, its greatest strengths, against it. They can move freely within our society while actively working to subvert it. They use our democratic rights not only to penetrate but also to defend themselves. If we treat them within our laws, they gain many protections; if we simply shoot them down, the television news can easily make them appear to be the victims. Terrorists can effectively wage their form of warfare while being protected by the society they are attacking. If we are forced to set aside our own system of legal protections to deal with terrorists, the terrorists win another sort of victory.

Highly sophisticated psychological warfare, especially through manipulation of the media, particularly television news. Some terrorists already know how to play this game. More broadly, hostile forces could easily take advantage of a significant product of television reporting — the fact that on television the enemy's casualties can be almost as devastating on the home front as are friendly casualties. If we bomb an enemy city, the pictures of enemy civilian dead brought into every living room in the country on the evening news can easily turn what may have been a military success (assuming we also hit the military target) into a serious defeat." [snip] https://www.mca- marines.org/files/The%20Changing%20Face%20of%20War%20-%20Into%20the%20Fourth%20Generation.pdf


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