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Great Work

Submitted by Michael, Feb 28, 2016 13:56

Fantastic work telling the truth here!!!


Good work, Steve

Submitted by Kim Bruce, Feb 25, 2016 21:14

I commend you on your valuable contributions to the security of America. I also recommend that you concentrate much of your efforts on Canada. Canada's newly elected, far-left Federal government, under PM Justin Trudeau, as well as the leftist Liberal government of Ontario, under Premier Kathleen Wynn, are changing the rules on terrorism by dropping the Bill, passed under the Conservative government of Steven Harper, "that would remove the passport of, and deport, any foreign-born Canadian citizen who joined ISIS or al Qaeda, or any other Islamic terrorist faction, committed a terrorist act, or conspired to do so". This new, not so surprising, move by the Canadian government creates a very dangerous environment for Canadians as well as the U.S. at a time of war with Islam.


A World of Thanks

Submitted by Lynn Blake, Feb 25, 2016 16:21

Thank you, Steve, for your relentless pursuit of this mission. We in the United States and countless others in countries around the world are grateful.


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