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State Department failures on Visa Violators

Submitted by Tim Pitchford, Jan 28, 2010 16:26

State Department has historicayl turned a deft ear to FBI counter Intelligence agents requests to deny or revoke visa's of known Muslim hate mongers who enter the US on short or "Humanatarian type Visa's" and never leave the country. The reply from the State Department Officials is that "these individuals will get into the country anyway, since our borders are porous". This complety ignors the fact that law enforcement and Federal counter intelligence agents must treat "Visa violators" as US Citizens with all associated rights and their children born in this country as "Natural Born Citizens". That is why we have US citizen suicide bombers.


The bravery of one

Submitted by Rusty_wire, Jan 28, 2010 16:14

The gentleman at the right side of the screen answered the question, after I stated "NO!" while watching,

simply, "No".

After reading about the Christmas Day bomber, I fully realize that the father was speaking to

the embassy, to soften the event for his life, as he has connections to those that want to kill us, and our

wonderful country. Thank you Mr. Emerson and staff, for your service to the education the nation.


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