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Submitted by colonial10, May 11, 2011 01:58

Ellison needs to take a good look at what AIFD's main goal is. He is taking it personally which is his right. He is looking at it from his point and not looking at the big picture. There is a problem with radicalization in this world. It is not happening just with the Muslim world. People are not born over night into these radical views which really are based on hate, jealousy or other evil intentions. I guess really the big picture that Mr. Jasser is trying to get across is it will take Muslims to help Muslims. In my life time this is the first time I've seen an organization use common sense, honor, courage, commitment to help bring healing to a Nation. As far as I'm concerned AIFD is setting up a righteous standard for all people or races to imitate.


Just tell Ellison we are on to his phoney outrage!

Submitted by Rebecca Fahlin, Apr 21, 2011 23:47

Shame on Ellison!!! It's about time he gets the message loud and clear that we are on to the phoney outrage of his and his fellow Islamafascist. Enough is enough!!!



Submitted by Travis, Apr 17, 2011 22:06

Someone should have asked Ellison how many people Carlos murdered or attempted to murder while living under his fathers roof for all those years compared to how many he murdered and attempted to murder in the few years he had been a muslim. Enough said!



Apr 14, 2011 16:12

The writer called Ellison's plea a "tearful" one, but if you watch the tape there were no actual tears. Just a bad performance that for some reason? everyone bought... Watch the clip, I think it speaks volumes about Ellison's sincerity and his enabling of extremism.


keep up the good work

Submitted by leciat, Apr 14, 2011 06:17

hang in there dr jasser, there are many who follow and support you in your efforts to bring the plight of the american muslim community to light.


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