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Unbelievable and scary

Submitted by Renee, Jul 14, 2009 22:18

Their perception on getting this administrations ear is unfortunately correct. It is very telling that the first executive order Obama signed was the closure of gitmo. It is also very telling the very first televtision interview Obama granted was not in the US but to an Arabic station in Dubai.

They are already sitting at certain policy tables now in our defense dept which CAIR spearheaded. Some are on staff at the CIA decoding phone calls


Steve Emerson is right

Submitted by Helen Freedman, Jun 5, 2009 11:58

It's a known fact that Muslim "charities" are a means of funneling money to Islamic terrorist groups. The hard work that went into freezing those funds will now be reversed by Obama's "zakat" opening. That should not be happening. America will find itself in the same position that the European nations find themselves - "occupied" by Islam.


Nora is ridiculous

Submitted by budmanx, Jun 5, 2009 05:30

Nora is a useful idiot, not a credible interviewer. She interviews an expert on terrorism and then when he tells her what the perception of Muslim unindicted co conspirators in verious Muslim "charitible" organizations such as Muslim Brotherhood, is regarding the president's statement that he's going to make it easier for Muslim charities to operate in the USA. It's a fact that the FBI for one, has curtailed some of it's operatons to keep tabs on known Muslim radicals under this President. Of course they're jubilant about their newfound freedom of operation under the Obama presidency. But Nora blurts out "THAT'S RIDICULOUS". when told these radical Muslims anticipate having some input regarding policy in the Obama administration. We don't need useful idiots like Nora challenging the views of a credible expert when she hears a statement she disagrees with. Is she the expert? Or is she interviewing the expert?

She's disgusting.


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