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Title Publication Date
When governments side with anti-Semites, bigots flourish Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) April 6, 2022
Amid a Crime Wave, the New York State Attorney General Gets Tough on . . . Reporters National Review April 4, 2022
CAIR's Media Enablers National Review February 11, 2022
CAIR Doubles Down on 'Illegal Surveillance' Charges National Review February 9, 2022
Gannett's Pro-Islamist, Anti-Muslim Reporting Focus on Western Islamism February 1, 2022
Media Attack Investigative Reporter for Investigating and Reporting on CAIR National Review January 29, 2022
IPT's Patrick Dunleavy Discusses ISIS Attack on Syrian Prison VOA International Edition January 26, 2022
Mainstream Jewish groups need to understand that interfaith dialogue legitimized CAIR Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) December 23, 2021
New Hampshire family sues Iran, seeks justice for late father's monthslong imprisonment in Lebanon Fox News October 5, 2021
'If we cannot name our enemy, how can we ever expect to defeat it?' Israel Hayom September 9, 2021
Dunleavy: Harboring Terrorists In Democratic Societies Newslooks September 7, 2021
Public put on notice: Terrorist inmates permitted to be in-house chaplains OneNewsNow.com August 4, 2021
Multimedia company peddles jihadist friendly Kashmir narrative Sunday Guardian Live January 25, 2021
At US Islamist convention, Owaisi alleges 'pogrom' against Muslims in India Sunday Guardian Live September 19, 2020
IPT's Patrick Dunleavy Analyzes Jailed Jihadists Blogtalkradio.com December 20, 2019
Radical 'Anti-Zionist' Activists Show Their True Colors in Chicago National Review December 5, 2019
IPT's Dunleavy Discusses John Walker Lindh's Pending Early Prison Release Blogtalkradio.com April 4, 2019
Emerson: Virginia Voters Need to Understand, Reject Sameerah Ibrahim's Anti-Semitism WMAL Radio February 19, 2019
The terrorist next door: States consider sex-offender-style registries for released terror inmates Fox News January 2, 2019
IPT's Dunleavy Discusses CAIR's Hostility Toward Law Enforcement Civilization Jihad Awareness with Paul Sutliff November 29, 2018
Marc Lamont Hill Moves From Justifying Terrorism to Promoting It CAMERA October 10, 2018
Special Report Bangladeshi Islamists Go to Washington The American Spectator September 24, 2018
Character Assassinations by New Jersey's Star-Ledger Algemeiner September 13, 2018
Brave voice warned us of Islamic extremism Boston Herald August 21, 2018
IPT's Patrick Dunleavy Discusses Threats From Returning Terrorists and Jihadis Soon to Complete Prison Sentences Roy Green Show Podcast August 4, 2018
America needs a national terrorist registry to keep us safe Fox News May 11, 2018
Your taxes are funding terrorists -- Demand that this stops Fox News April 17, 2018
A show of force in favor of Israel, the Taylor Force Act Lantern of Liberty April 10, 2018
Land Day and the continued attacks of Hamas on Israel Lantern of Liberty April 4, 2018
Patrick Dunleavy Discusses ISIS Opportunities in Africa VOA Africa News Tonight March 7, 2018
The anti-Israel BDS Movement seeks the destruction of Israel, not a two-state peace with Palestinians Fox News January 18, 2018
American Islamist Charity Openly Partners with Designated Terrorists Rabwah Times January 4, 2018
ISIS's Migration to Africa - IPT's Patrick Dunleavy on How to Thwart It Voice of America January 4, 2018
In 2018 the ISIS fight will shift into a deadly new phase Fox News December 8, 2017
Hillel Blasts Harvard Awardee Over His Former Organization's Support for Terrorism, Holocaust Denial Tablet Magazine November 14, 2017
The New York Terror Attack and the Underwear Bomber's Lawsuit - A Conversation with IPT Senior Fellow Patrick Dunleavy Secure Freedom Radio November 13, 2017
Ditch political correctness and wise up. Empower cops to fight radical Islamic terrorists here at home Fox News November 7, 2017
IPT Executive Director Steven Emerson Reports on New York Terror Suspect Larry Marino Show, AM 870, the Answer November 5, 2017
NYC Truck Attack Fulfills Homeland Security Chief's Prophesy Polizette November 3, 2017
Patrick Dunleavy with Tucker Carlson: Police Practice was Sacrificed for Political Correctness Interview on Fox News November 1, 2017
IPT Senior Fellow Patrick Dunleavy Discusses Fighting Islamist Terror Jon Gaunt Radio Show (United Kingdom) October 16, 2017
IPT's Patrick Dunleavy Discusses Recent Spate of European Terror Attacks Denise Simon Experience September 21, 2017
IPT Senior Fellow Patrick Dunleavy Discusses Barcelona Attack WTMJ Radio, Milwaukee August 21, 2017
IPT's Patrick Dunleavy Discusses Prison Dawa and Radicalization Secure Freedom Radio August 16, 2017
IPT Fellow Patrick Dunleavy Discusses His Op-Ed on Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons Secure Freedom Radio June 30, 2017
Discussion Panel: The Role of Intelligence in Today's Threat Environment June 22, 2017
Pete Hoekstra on Fox News Discussing the Foiled Terror Attack in Belgium Interview on Fox News June 20, 2017
Emerson on Dennis Prager, about Qatar Relations, London Attacks Interview on the Dennis Prager Show June 5, 2017
Pete Hoekstra on Fox Business About the Significance of the Travel Ban Interview on Fox Business Network June 5, 2017
Time for honesty about London: We are losing the fight against radical Islam Fox News June 5, 2017
Pete Hoekstra on Fox News: Intel Community Overwhelmed, Immigration Policies Partially to Blame Interview on Fox News June 4, 2017
Pete Hoekstra on Fox News: Islamic Terrorists are Gaining Ground Interview on Fox News June 4, 2017
Pete Hoekstra on Fox News discussing IPT's 2016 terrorism trends study and how the London attacks fit the trend Interview on Fox News June 4, 2017
Steve Emerson on Sirius XM after London attacks: "A reformation of Islam is necessary" Interview on XM Patriot 125 June 4, 2017
Pete Hoekstra on Fox News explains that evidence of increasing radical Islam is "very, very obvious" Interview on Fox News June 4, 2017
Pete Hoekstra on Fox News: ISIS and Intel in the UK Interview on Fox News June 3, 2017
Pete Hoekstra on Fox News: Reaction to the London Terror Attacks Interview on Fox News June 3, 2017
IPT's Pete Hoekstra on Fox News on the FBI translator who married the ISIS fighter she was investigating Interview on Fox News May 2, 2017
IPT's Patrick Dunleavy Talks About CAIR's Attempt to Silence Him Secure Freedom Radio April 6, 2017
Steve Emerson on BBC Radio Discussing the Attack in Westminster Interview on BBC Radio March 22, 2017
IPT Senior Fellow Patrick Dunleavy Discusses Judicial Overreach and NYPD Surveillance Abilities Secure Freedom Radio March 16, 2017
IPT Senior Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra on WikiLeaks Release of CIA Hacking Documents CSPAN Washington Journal March 13, 2017
IPT's Patrick Dunleavy Discusses New York City's Counter-Terror Policy Melody Burns Radio Show March 10, 2017
IPT Senior Fellow Patrick Dunleavy Discusses the Challenges of Monitoring Jihadis After Prison Secure Freedom Radio February 10, 2017
Trump's Intel Reform Is a Good First Step Wall Street Journal January 22, 2017
IPT's Patrick Dunleavy Speaks Stopping Jihadis From Infiltrating Prisons Talk2Me Radio (UK) January 16, 2017
Ex-CIA officer faces imminent extradition to Italy, hopes Trump can help Fox News January 12, 2017
Pete Hoekstra: Our intel officers take great risks for us. We can't let one of them wind up in an Italian jail Fox News January 12, 2017
IPT's Patrick Dunleavy Interviewed About Recidivism and Incarcerated Terrorists. Secure Freedom Radio January 9, 2017
Ellison would be a 'disaster' as DNC's leader, Saban says Jewish Journal December 7, 2016
What Keith Ellison Really Said Commentary Magazine December 5, 2016
Ellison's speech was an Islamic-supremacist, chauvinist diatribe Jerusalem Post December 5, 2016
Pete Hoekstra: US Intel Is Fighting Blind Against ISIS Newsmax November 4, 2016
Obama Administration Underestimates Terror Newsmax October 17, 2016
Orlando Terror Attack 'Triggered' by Pentagon Drone Strike Washington Free Beacon September 28, 2016
Hoekstra Calls for Clearer FBI Training on Jihadists Fox News September 20, 2016
Next President will need to Reestablish U.S. Credibility NewsmaxTV September 14, 2016
Iran Ransom Payment Now Funding Islamist Terror (1 comment) NewsmaxTV August 4, 2016
Jihadists View Atrocities Committed during Ramadan as Holy Endeavors WMAL July 6, 2016
US Must Slam the Door Shut on the Muslim Brotherhood NewsmaxTV June 29, 2016
IPT's 'Grand Deception' Airing Sunday on NewsmaxTV (2 comments) NewsmaxTV June 24, 2016
Hoekstra: Orlando Not an Isolated Event Fox News Radio June 15, 2016
Hoekstra: ISIS Success Inspires Terrorists Like Omar Mateen (2 comments) NewsmaxTV June 13, 2016
Hoekstra: Administration Politicized Intelligence Community WNYM 970 AM The Answer June 12, 2016
Emerson on Fox Business: Threat from Cross-Border Terrorists a Ticking Time Bomb (2 comments) Fox Business Network June 2, 2016
Emerson on Fox: Do Trump's Comments Help Recruit Terrorists? (4 comments) Interview on Fox News May 22, 2016
Hoekstra on Newsmax: Isolated by the U.S., Egypt is the Epicenter of Radical Jihad NewsmaxTV May 20, 2016
PC Policies in Brussels Threaten US Safety as Well Newsmax May 2016
Is It Back to Square One for Libya? (1 comment) U.S. News & World Report April 29, 2016
Speculation Over 28 Pages in 9/11 Report Doing More Harm Than Good (5 comments) NewsmaxTV April 22, 2016
Two Administrations Protecting Something in 28 Pages of 9/11 Report (3 comments) Fox News Channel April 22, 2016
IPT's Hoekstra: 9/11 Bill Appropriate for World in Which We Live Today (2 comments) SiriusXM 'POTUS' April 21, 2016
IPT's Hoekstra: Public Deserves to See Full 2002 Congressional 9/11 Report (2 comments) Relevant Radio 'The Drew Mariani Show' April 19, 2016
West Must Infiltrate Islamist Networks Before Plots Become Operational NewsmaxTV April 8, 2016
Administration Will Leave Behind Nasty War for Successor The Derrell Day Show -- WYOO 101.1 FM Panama City, Fla. April 6, 2016
Politically Incorrect to Talk Western Values on College Campuses Relevant Radio 'The Drew Mariani Show' April 6, 2016
Administration Pushes False Claim on Winning against ISIS NewsmaxTV April 5, 2016
Students Can't Remember A Past They Never Learned (2 comments) The Daily Caller April 5, 2016
ISIS Manufactured up to 100,000 Passports over Past Two Years (1 comment) Radio America 'Liberty Nation' April 3, 2016
West Offers Window for Spectacular ISIS Attack NewsmaxTV April 1, 2016
Islamist violence threatens Judeo-Christian civilization Fox News April 1, 2016
Pete Hoekstra Discusses the Dramatic Rise in Global Islamist Terror on SiriusXM's POTUS SiriusXM 'POTUS' March 31, 2016
The IPT's Pete Hoekstra Joins Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio Secure Freedom Radio March 29, 2016
Hoekstra: Islamists Have the Means, Will to Destabilize Gov'ts in the Middle East (1 comment) NewsmaxTV March 29, 2016
Bloody tide: Terror deaths increased 8-fold since 2010, says study FoxNews.com March 28, 2016
IPT's Pete Hoekstra analyzes the rise in global terror on Fox News foxnews.com March 28, 2016
Anger Over Belgium Will Cost Leaders at the Polls Newsmax March 24, 2016
Pete Hoekstra interviewed on Fox News Channel (1 comment) Fox News Channel March 23, 2016
Pete Hoekstra on NewsmaxTV discussing the attacks in Brussels NewsmaxTV March 22, 2016
Steve Emerson and Andy McCarthy on NewsmaxTV Interview on NewsmaxTV March 22, 2016
Pete Hoekstra on BloombergTV discussing the terror attacks in Belgium Interview on BloombergTV March 22, 2016
IPT's Pete Hoekstra discussing the terror attacks in Belgium Interview on WMAL - Mornings On The Mall March 22, 2016
IPT's Steven Emerson discussing the terror attacks in Belgium Interview on WMAL - Mornings On The Mall March 22, 2016
Protesters Violently Riot Over Protected Political Speech (1 comment) Daily Caller March 14, 2016
Pete Hoekstra Talks Islamist Terror Trends on WKIP NewsRadio 1450/1370 WKIP March 7, 2016
ISIS Targets Jordan With Death and Destruction Newsmax March 3, 2016
Profane hatred blossoms on campus (2 comments) Washington Times February 28, 2016
Steve Emerson on Fox Business Channel with Stuart Varney (3 comments) Interview on Fox Business Network February 25, 2016
Libya disaster: Have Western leaders learned anything? Fox News February 19, 2016
Obama's reckless foreign policy has put Israel in dire jeopardy Sacramento Bee February 18, 2016
Emerson: Obama's Mosque Speech Sounded Like Muslim Brotherhood Script (2 comments) Mike Siegel Show February 3, 2016
Questions for Obama's first U.S. mosque visit Washington Examiner February 3, 2016
U.S.-Iranian Swaps Pit Compassion Against Costs New York Times January 18, 2016
Former Intelligence Chairman Warns 'Stealth Jihad' Is Moving Through The West (2 comments) Daily Caller January 17, 2016
Terrorism Expert: Obama 'Contradicted Himself' in SOTU CNSNews.com January 13, 2016
Hoekstra: Strong U.S. Alliance With Saudi Arabia Will Endure Interview on RT January 6, 2016
EXCLUSIVE – Pete Hoekstra: NSA Spying on Congress Requires Suspending State of the Union Invite (3 comments) Breitbart.com January 4, 2016
Hoekstra: New Spying Scandal Biggest of Obama's Presidency (1 comment) Newsmax Prime with J.D. Hayworth December 31, 2015
New evidence reinforces CAIR's Islamist history WND December 22, 2015
Breaking from the U.S., the U.K. Condemns the Muslim Brotherhood, Calling It a Terrorist Group (4 comments) National Review December 22, 2015
IPT's Hoekstra Rebuts Al Jazeera Talking Points (3 comments) Interview on Al Jazeera America December 20, 2015
'Architects of Disaster' Takes on Obama and Hillary's Disaster Front Page Mag December 10, 2015
The West Can Defeat ISIS – but What Comes Next? Fiscal Times December 8, 2015
Emerson Tells Dennis Prager: U.S. Alone Remains Afraid of Discussing Islamic Terrorism (2 comments) Dennis Prager Show December 7, 2015
Hoekstra: Better Intelligence Requires Better Whistle-Blower Protection WJR-AM, Detroit December 2, 2015
Hoekstra on NewsmaxTV: American Concerns About Terror Threats Well Grounded NewsmaxTV November 30, 2015
Claims Of CENTCOM Cooking The Books On ISIS Intel Show We Need New Whistleblower Protections Daily Caller November 30, 2015
Imposing Our Idea of Order in Mideast Doesn't Work (1 comment) Newsmax November 24, 2015
IPT's Pete Hoekstra on CNN: We Are Approaching War (2 comments) CNN November 20, 2015
Hoekstra: U.S. Needs to Arm, Support Kurds in ISIS Fight KRSO radio November 18, 2015
Hoekstra: We Must Recognize Radical Islam to Defeat It Sirius XM POTUS Channel Morning Briefing with Tim Farley November 18, 2015
Hoekstra: Properly Vetting Refugees From a Failed State Like Syria Near Impossible Newsmax Prime with J.D. Hayworth November 17, 2015
Hoekstra: Vetting Syrian Refugees Poses Unparalleled Challenges Rick Jensen radio show, WDEL November 17, 2015
Jihadists Crippling the West from Within (3 comments) American Thinker November 17, 2015
Hoekstra Talks Failing U.S. Policy Toward Defeating ISIS (1 comment) Lars Larson radio show November 16, 2015
Someone Tell The President We Can't Fight Radical Islam By Being Politically Correct (7 comments) Forbes November 16, 2015
Sharyl Attkisson interviews Steve Emerson on how the Arab Spring created an ideal environment for terrorism to grow and thrive (1 comment) Full Measure November 15, 2015
Hoekstra Responds to 'Bizarre' White House Attack on "Architects of Disaster" NewsmaxTV November 12, 2015
Hoekstra: Declaration of War Against ISIS Would Clarify Enemy, How to Defeat It NewsmaxTV November 11, 2015
Obama has the wrong strategy on Syria (1 comment) CNBC November 11, 2015
White House Hits Hoekstra on Libya Book (1 comment) Newsmax November 11, 2015
IPT's Pete Hoekstra Talks Politics and Terror with Geraldo Rivera ABC Radio November 5, 2015
IPT's Pete Hoekstra interviewed on Possible ISIS bombing of Russian Plane (1 comment) Newsmax November 4, 2015
Pete Hoekstra at The Heritage Foundation discussing his new book 'Architects of Disaster: The Destruction of Libya' The Heritage Foundation November 2, 2015
IPT's Pete Hoekstra on Fox Business Network 'Varney & Co.' discussing 'Architects of Disaster.' Interview on Fox Business Network October 21, 2015
Hoekstra: Five questions for the Democratic candidates Detroit News October 20, 2015
Pete Hoekstra on Sharyl Attkisson's Full Measure discussing his new book 'Architects of Disaster: The Destruction of Libya' (2 comments) Full Measure October 18, 2015
Book: Obama, Clinton left Libya a terrorist training site (1 comment) Washington Times October 13, 2015
Glazov Gang: Steve Emerson on "Obama vs. US Victims of Palestinian Terror? (2 comments) The Glazov Gang August 7, 2015
IPT Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra at the Stop Iran Rally in Times Square, NYC IPT News July 22, 2015
IPT Executive Director Steven Emerson at the Stop Iran Rally in Times Square, NYC IPT News July 22, 2015
IPT Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra and Amb. James Woolsey break down the Iran nuclear agreement (1 comment) NewsmaxTV July 14, 2015
Interview: Present ISIL Middle East paradox? (2 comments) The Daily Journalist July 6, 2015
Point de Bascule replies to Catherine Solyom Point de Bascule June 4, 2015
On College Campuses, Saving Democracy From Itself (2 comments) The Algemeiner April 20, 2015
IPT Shillman Fellow Hoekstra: Don't allow friction between Obama-Netanyahu to distract from Iranian threat Interview on SiriusXM POTUS March 23, 2015
IPT Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra on SiriusXM POTUS: Get U.S. allies equipment, training to defeat ISIS Interview on SiriusXM POTUS February 18, 2015
IPT Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra on SiriusXM POTUS: Defeating the root causes of radical Islamism (1 comment) Interview on SiriusXM POTUS January 15, 2015
IPT Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra: Western leaders refuse to address enduring threat from radical Islam Interview on Sun News Canada January 12, 2015
Emerson with Judge Pirro: No-Go Islamic Zones and Western Self-Denial (135 comments) Interview on Fox News January 11, 2015
Emerson on Fox's Hannity: "No Go Zones and Sharia Courts…Europe is Finished." (18 comments) Interview on Fox News January 7, 2015
Emerson on Fox News: Our Shameful Refusal to Call the Paris Attacks Islamic Terrorism (4 comments) Interview on Fox News January 7, 2015
Emerson on Fox with Judge Jeanine: "We're embracing [Muslim Brotherhood] front groups…." (3 comments) Interview on Fox News January 4, 2015
Emerson on Fox and Friends: US Vulnerability to Lone Wolf Islamic Terrorists (1 comment) Interview on Fox News Channel December 16, 2014
IPT Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra On Fox Business: Sydney Islamist Terrorist been on Radar since 2007 Interview on Fox Business Network December 15, 2014
Emerson on Fox News on Australian Terrorist; Breaking News on his website Interview on Fox News December 15, 2014
Judge Pirro interviews Emerson on hostage taking, Administration rescue efforts and Al Qaeda-ISIS competition (1 comment) December 6, 2014
Emerson on ISIS in Canada, restrictions on RCMP, and the mother of all Islamic terrorist groups; Muslim Brotherhood (3 comments) December 5, 2014
U.S. Judge Shields Palestinian Terrorists from Scrutiny Washington Free Beacon October 29, 2014
Emerson on Fox News America's Newsroom - Open Societies and Stopping Terrorism Interview on Fox News October 23, 2014
Emerson on Fox News Hannity discussing the rise of radical Islam Interview on Fox News October 22, 2014
Emerson on Sun News Canada Byline with Brian Lilley discussing Lone Wolf Terrorists Interview on Sun News Canada October 22, 2014
Emerson on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto - Counter Terrorist Slogans or Policies? (2 comments) Interview on Fox Business Network October 21, 2014
Emerson with Judge Pirro on U.S. Counter-Terrorism Strategy (2 comments) Interview on Fox News October 11, 2014
Emerson on Fox News - Justice with Judge Jeanine: The Jihadists in Oklahoma and the Obama Administration's Blinders on Islamic Extremism Interview on Fox News September 28, 2014
Emerson on Fox News: The New Global Jihad and the Threat against the US Interview on Fox News September 27, 2014
Obama Forbids FBI to Use Religion in Identifying Terror Threats, as ISIS Recruits Openly in U.S. Mosques The American Thinker September 24, 2014
IPT's John Rossomando on NewsmaxTV Mid-Point discussing the domestic terror threat Interview on NewsmaxTV September 18, 2014
Emerson on CNBC Discussing Terror Threats to West by Jihadi Veterans Interview on CNBC September 18, 2014
Emerson on the Disappearing ISIS Coalition with Fox's Judge Pirro Interview on Fox News September 14, 2014
Emerson on Fox with Judge Pirro on How the US is Manipulating the Truth on Radical Islam (3 comments) Interview on Fox News September 13, 2014
IPT's John Rossomando on NewsmaxTV Mid-Point discussing the Islamic State Interview on NewsmaxTV September 12, 2014
Emerson on Fox News - Justice with Judge Jeanine (5 comments) Interview on Fox News September 6, 2014
ISIS child recruitment push hints at long-term ambitions CBC News August 14, 2014
Emerson on Fox News - Justice with Judge Jeanine (4 comments) Interview on Fox News August 10, 2014
Hamas ♥s Human Shields National Review Online August 8, 2014
Fox's Judge Jeanine Interviews Emerson: Hamas Gets Away With Murder (1 comment) Interview on Fox News August 2, 2014
Emerson on Fox: The Obama Administration, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood (2 comments) Interview on Fox News August 1, 2014
Exclusive: US intelligence source claims Hamas has many more tunnels than Israel says (1 comment) Jerusalem Post July 22, 2014
Standing Up For – And To – Terrarabism Part Two (End) Bureaucracy Busters June 5, 2014
Standing Up For – And To – Terrarabism Part One (of Two) (1 comment) Bureaucracy Busters June 4, 2014
IPT Full-Page Ad in The New York Times (1 comment) May 21, 2014
Obama: I want to reach out and save the kidnapped Nigerian girls (1 comment) New York Post May 9, 2014
Steve Emerson interviewed on Sun News - Canadians leaving for Jihad Sun News Canada November 20, 2013
Steven Emerson interviewed on Fox News discussing the theatrical release of our latest film Jihad in America: the Grand Deception Interview on Fox News October 21, 2013
John Rossomando on Sun News - Somali Militants Behind attack in Kenya Sun News Canada September 23, 2013
Steven Emerson interviewed on Fox News with Sean Hannity on the terrorist attack on the Kenyan Mall Fox News Channel September 23, 2013
TUSD accepts funds from group with ties to Muslim Brotherhood Arizona Daily Independent July 3, 2013
Jihad in America: The Grand Deception (2 comments) American Thinker July 2, 2013
Another White House play date with Muslim jihad (1 comment) MichelleMalkin.com June 28, 2013
Official confirms, defends White House meeting with controversial Muslim scholar FoxNews.com June 27, 2013
Guess Who's Welcome in the White House? Commentary June 27, 2013
Obama White House Hosts Sheikh Who Called for Killing American Troops in Iraq National Review Online June 26, 2013
Muslim scholar tied to pro-Hamas group, radical cleric visits White House FoxNews.com June 26, 2013
Senior Obama administration officials met with radical Muslim preacher at White House The Daily Caller June 25, 2013
EXCLUSIVE: Deputy of banned suicide-bomb-endorsing cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi had White House meeting with National Security Council staff The Daily Mail June 25, 2013
Emerson on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto discussing the upcoming US negotiations with the Taliban (1 comment) Fox Business Network June 20, 2013
Jihad in America FrontPage Magazine May 21, 2013
Does the Governor General's wife know who's coming to dinner? Ottawa Citizen April 28, 2013
Obama's scrub of Muslim terms under question; common links in attacks Washington Times April 25, 2013
PRICE: U.S. terrorist threat growing with new breed of jihadists Washington Times April 23, 2013
Steve Emerson on FoxNews with Megyn Kelly Discussing the Boston Bombing Fox News Channel April 20, 2013
Do you want to understand jihad in America? WND Faith April 20, 2013
Steve Emerson on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs Discussing the Boston Bombing Fox Business Channel April 19, 2013
What Do We Know, and What Does It Say about Terrorism? (1 comment) National Review Online April 19, 2013
Steve Emerson on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto Discussing the Boston Bombing Fox Business Channel April 18, 2013
Steve Emerson on the Katie Couric Show (1 comment) April 16, 2013
Steve Emerson on C-SPAN's Washington Journal April 16, 2013
Steve Emerson on Fox News with Megyn Kelly (1 comment) April 16, 2013
We continue to coddle the Saudis at our national security peril Pittsburgh Tribune-Review March 30, 2013
Home of majority of 9/11 hijackers to get 'trusted traveler' status (1 comment) New York Post March 21, 2013
Emerson on Fox News with Megyn Kelly Discussing the expose by the IPT revealing Saudi Arabia's Unprecedented Role in Vetting Visa Applicants to the U.S. (2 comments) Fox News Channel March 20, 2013
DHS questioned over decision to let Saudi passengers skip normal passport controls FoxNews.com March 20, 2013
The Real Meaning Of The Term 'Islamist' (3 comments) Detroit Jewish News February 21, 2013
CORTES: The spook who couldn't see the perils of jihad Washington Times February 21, 2013
The Psychology of Female Suicide Bombers Explored at IPT Forum (3 comments) The Jewish Voice February 20, 2013
Steve Emerson: I stand by my film (28 comments) Orange County Register February 16, 2013
Behind the Lines: Conquest through proselytizing (1 comment) Jerusalem Post February 15, 2013
Exclusive--The Hagel Speech that 'Wasn't': More Evidence Emerges of Failure to Disclose Breitbart.com February 14, 2013
Hagel omitted two speeches on Middle East from Senate disclosure forms FoxNews.com February 12, 2013
More Hagel Speeches Emerge, Suggesting he Misled Senate Breitbart.com February 11, 2013
Steve Emerson on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs Discussing New Documentary Jihad in America: The Grand Deception (3 comments) January 10, 2013
Report: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated Obama Admin (1 comment) Arutz Sheva January 9, 2013
Fox News Showcases Emerson's New Documentary "Jihad in America: The Grand Deception" (7 comments) January 4, 2013
Rory Cohen: Tracking Muslim Brotherhood's 'Grand Deception' Orange County Register December 3, 2012
John Rossomando interviewed on Sun News with Michael Coren on 'A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House' Sun News Canada October 25, 2012
Obama Invited Terror Suspects To Visit White House Investor's Business Daily October 22, 2012
Emerson interviewed on Fox News about the growing anti U.S. sentiment in the Middle East (4 comments) Interview on Fox News Channel September 23, 2012
Steve Emerson on Sun News Network with Michael Coren - Political correctness has damaged all aspects of life September 17, 2012
Steve Emerson interview on shameful US response to Islamist Riots on Sun TV (1 comment) September 17, 2012
Emerson interviewed by Canadian Anchor Michael Coren on Dire Developments in Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood (1 comment) Interview on Sun News Canada August 14, 2012
Iranian embassy recruiting expats Ottawa Citizen July 10, 2012
Michael Coren interviews Steve Emerson on the Muslim Brotherhood and Stealth Jihad Sun News - Canada June 29, 2012
Administration admits to 'hundreds' of meetings with jihad-linked group Daily Caller June 8, 2012
The friends of Bill Pascrell Powerline Blog June 2, 2012
Emerson on Fox News discussing cyber warfare on Iranian nuclear facilities Fox News Channel June 1, 2012
'Israel's creation worst catastrophe to hit world' Jerusalem Post June 1, 2012
NJ Gov. Christie Courting Islamist Cleric Radicalism.org May 28, 2012
Emerson on Fox 5 discussing the death of the Lockerbie bomber Fox 5 - WTTG May 20, 2012
Chris Christie's Islam Problem National Review Online May 1, 2012
Security Matters: Turning a corner? Jerusalem Post March 29, 2012
Tracking Terror New York Post February 12, 2012
Steven Emerson on C-SPAN - Washington Journal (1 comment) C-SPAN November 25, 2011
Reality of Islam hard to dispute Toronto Sun November 20, 2011
Senator Bill Nelson in Islamic-donor whodunit Miami Herald November 12, 2011
Michael Coren with Steve Emerson: Jihad In America (2 comments) Sun News - Canada November 9, 2011
Hezbollah and CAIR Attacks on U.S. Jihad Experts are Synchronized Family Security Matters October 24, 2011
Terror war: Victory can't be declared Richmond Times Dispatch September 14, 2011
Emerson on CNBC discussing the Current Terror Threat Interview on CNBC September 9, 2011
Emerson Interviewed on Fox News on Current Terror Threat (1 comment) Interview on Fox News September 9, 2011
Emerson on Fox Business Discusses Center for American Progress Report (1 comment) Fox Business Channel August 30, 2011
Appeals Court Lets Contractor's Family Sue Palestinian Authority Over His Death Fox News August 14, 2011
Tariq Ramadan and Cultural Jihad Canada Free Press August 4, 2011
IPT's Ari Sasson on Indian Television Debates Former Pakistani Interior Minister Interview on Times on India May 10, 2011
Locker on Fox News Discusses the bin Laden Intelligence Haul Interview on Fox News May 10, 2011
Locker on Canadian Television Discussing Pakistani Intelligence Interview on Sun News Canada May 9, 2011
Lawmaker Criticizes Muslim Group Director's 2009 Fundraising Letter to Qaddafi Fox News.com April 7, 2011
Emerson on Fox News discussing Durbin's relationship with Radical Islamic Groups Interview on Fox News March 29, 2011
Locker interviewed on WUSA9 on King Hearings Interview on WUSA March 10, 2011
Long Arm of Law Reaches Out to Woo Muslims The Wall Street Journal March 10, 2011
The Muslim Brotherhood's Cover-Up Frontpagemag.com March 10, 2011
Muslim American groups, not Rep. Pete King, are the ones fomenting hysteria with hearings on tap New York Daily News March 10, 2011
Hearings are no witch hunt Townhall.com March 9, 2011
US panel to hold hearings on American Muslim extremism Jerusalem Post March 9, 2011
Emerson on Fox News Discussing Nidal Hasan's Prosecution Fox News February 12, 2011
2 nations join forces to meet U.S. - Canadian border challenge Detroit Free Press February 6, 2011
Murdock: Katie Couric - Koranic scholar (2 comments) Scripps Howard News Service January 6, 2011
Emerson on Fox News discussing current U.S. vulnerabilities to terrorist attacks Interview on Fox News December 27, 2010
Emerson on CSPAN discussing Islamic terrorism in the United States Interview on CSPAN December 27, 2010
With Variety of Targets Available, Planes Cruising Over U.S. Are Low-Priority Security Concern FoxNews.com December 27, 2010
EMERSON on CBS Early Show Discusses Terrorist Threats Faced by U.S. (1 comment) Interview on CBS Early Show December 24, 2010
Al Qaida Strengthening in North-West Africa Fox News December 17, 2010
Arlington Man Charged With Making Bomb Threats WUSA-TV, Washington December 15, 2010
FIELDS: Cultivating homegrown terror Washington Times December 1, 2010
Guest column: Tennessean unfair to organization that investigates terrorists Des Moines Register November 1, 2010
Metro Prepares For Busy Weekend After Terror Arrest WUSA TV, Washington October 28, 2010
Steve Emerson on Fox News Discussing Latest Homegrown Terror Plots (1 comment) Interview on Fox News October 28, 2010
College Professor Calls for Israel's Destruction CBN News October 18, 2010
In Defense of Drones New York Post October 17, 2010
Steve Emerson on MSNBC discussing Imminent Islamic Terrorist Threat in Europe Interview on MSNBC October 2, 2010
FBI Defends Mustapha's Visit The Washington Times September 30, 2010
Donations to terrorists are tax deductible International Business Times September 29, 2010
Rep. Meeks helped 'jihad' flier New York Post September 20, 2010
Fox Showcases IPT Story on Rauf's "9/11 Truther" Partner (1 comment) Fox News September 14, 2010
Mosque imam's associate calls WTC attacks an 'inside job' New York Post September 13, 2010
Lion's Den: Americans wake up to Islamism (1 comment) Jerusalem Post September 6, 2010
Backer of NYC mosque gave to Hamas-linked charity Associated Press September 4, 2010
IPT's Ray Locker on Fox News discussing questions surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque's financing Interview on Fox News September 4, 2010
Sketchy tax break for GZ imam 'prayer pad' New York Post September 2, 2010
New York imam's nonexistent mosque Washington Examiner September 2, 2010
New Questions for Imam Rauf Fox News September 1, 2010
Emerson on Fox News Discussing the Growing Threat of al-Qaida's Affiliate Groups (1 comment) Interview on Fox News August 28, 2010
Emerson on MSNBC Discussing Islamic Terrorist Groups (1 comment) Interview on MSNBC August 25, 2010
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