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Nuclear Weapons & Islam

Mar 20, 2015 11:24

The problem with radical islam lies within the very fabric of the "religion" itself. It was established as a means to control people. Mohammad was concerned about governing and what better way to govern than to create a prophet and a god. Keep people ignorant and aligned with an ideology that promises to reward them in the afterlife. Christianity does the same, but has undergone a Reformation - Islam has not. The major concern today is nuclear weapons in the hands of people who wish to rule the world under their religious laws. It would take centuries for islam to undergo a Reformation - we don't have that kind of time. No muslim country should be allowed to have nuclear energy, power, or weapons of any kind. One need only look at the various muslim countries (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, etc) that still stone, behead and crucify as forms of punishment for moral crimes! How can they be trusted to manage nuclear weapons? Wake up, World!


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