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Submitted by David Levine, Feb 20, 2015 09:56

Why wasn't he sentences to 50 years without parole. His activities have led to the death of thousands. He was involved in conspiracy to murder. People convicted of manslaughter of one person get a worse sentence than this bastard.



Submitted by rhetorical1, Feb 6, 2015 11:17

WHY did it take so long to deport this bad seed?


thank you

Submitted by barbaro70, Feb 5, 2015 23:02

Thank you, IPT News, for this very good, detailed, article on al Arian. We are rid of him physically, but how many more al Arians are there in the United States? And, we are honestly surprised that Barack Hussein Obama did not attempt to intervene, at least with a statement such as, "If I had an uncle he would look like Sami al Arian;" or worse, with an executive order granting al Arian amnesty; or worse yet, with a moralizing sermon such as the one at the National Prayer Breakfast reminding us of how many innocent civilian casualties the US has caused in the Middle East in the past few years, or with...


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