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Our government is lying. What exactly are they covering up?

Oct 20, 2015 22:59

Mike Rogers wife was the CEO of the company that provided subpar security. She received a $10 million salary. Why the subpar security? Who ordered that? No one else had such poor security. What was the purpose of that?

Hoekstra's interview makes an assumption that Obama's was wrong or arrogant or simply had the wrong strategy. I strongly believe otherwise.

Barack Hussein OBAMA's administration is rife with the Muslim Brotherhood. They are throughout every agency in our government.

OBAMA lied and proclaimed there was a genocide underway in Libya. There was not.

Alan Kuperman writing for the Harvard Kennedy School's International Security Journal in 2013 "The biggest misconception about NATO's intervention is that it saved lives and benefitted Libya and its neighbors."

The rebels started the violence in the quest to to unseat Qaddafi. After six weeks Qaddaffi's had all but stopped the chaos at a cost of 700 lives.

OBAMA's intervention prolonged the war and cost 7,000 more lives.

OBAMA was funneling arms and money to QATAR to help them arm the rebels. The word was that there were two different US groups working at cross purposes. Our special forces were gathering weapons that had gotten into the wrong hands while OBAMA and Brennan were arming the enemy. This was reported per a group of Special Operations Forces including Brandon Webb in his book "Benghazi: The Definitive Report.

Congressman Frank Wolf was an honest broker on behalf of the American people. He knew exactly what took place in Benghazi. It became commonly held knowledge on the hill that Ambassador Stevens was tortured in an unspeakable manner including the same rape Qaddafi received. The doc at the Benghazi hospital stated Ambassador Stevens bled out in his stomach. Was that another cattle prod. Why were Ambassador Stevens remains cremated in Germany? His body never came back intact to the USA. Why? What were they hiding?

Please see the images Anderson Cooper showed of the Ambassadors private quarters with soot removed from the bidet with blood all over it yet the toilet next to it remained covered in soot.

Please note the transfer of the bidet shape in soot to the Ambassadors chest--the exact shape of the bidet is seen transferred to the Ambassadors chest and stomach. Anderson Cooper lost his gig after showing that video of the Ambassadors quarters in detail after that with the French journalist.

When pulled out the Ambassadors chest was clean, his T-shirt is shown pulled up, his chest was clean and clear, --his T-shirt and undershorts were on when the supposed help pulled him out.

Shortly thereafter, his shorts are seen over the terrorists shoulder who was taking images with his phone. His trousers down far enough to see he no longer had those white shorts on.

I for one am sickened by the lies of our government. The soulless animals are no better than the terrorists that murdered our fellow Americans--and probably far worse.


Loss of the Middle East

Submitted by Dr. Troiani, Oct 20, 2015 16:50

You can blame President Bush for the invasion of Iraq but current policy will bring about the loss of Iraq. You have to attribute the loss of Libya, Syria, and the almost Loss of Egypt to the actions of President Obama and State Department's Clinton and Kerry. The current policy put's Jordan and Lebanon at risk.

Never thought that this would get this bad.

I fear for Israel.


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