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What he is really trying to do

Submitted by newswatcher, Jul 8, 2011 11:30

Just like any liberal socialist, this man is wanting to be liked by the enemy. Make no mistake George, they hate you just as much as they hate Israel and the United States. They hate the UK just as much because the UK doesn't tow their line. If you don't believe exactly like they do, they think you deserve to die--with no trial. You are being used and you are a fool.


His 15 minutes are up

Submitted by Jayson Rex, Nov 8, 2010 19:52

George Galloway has the right to make a living the way he can. And his way is to kiss up to Muslims in general and the so-called Palestinians in particular. The Circus he mounted impresses no one, least of all the Israelis. They will continue to defend their land against criminal Arab Muslims and soon they will take the offensive by simply conquering ALL Jewish land, in Cis- and Trans-Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc.

There is not the slightest chance, with or without Galloway the Clown, for Palestinians to have a state of their own next to Israel. For 65 plus years they said no and no and no again to peaceful coexistance with the Jewish state. Now it is NO forever! But they will get used to the new reality, especially when they will living amongst their brethren forever and ever.

Galloway is merely one more antisemite that the civilized world will have to dispose of together with his Muslim gang of terrorists. Nothing really complicated.


who represents

Submitted by antipigs, May 23, 2010 18:20

georgr galloway is a great man .Who speaks his mind and fights for the just and right and poor all over the world unlike lieing scums like Bush and Blair .Who took our solders to war in iraq aqnf afghanistan for no reson but for there greed


who he represents?

Submitted by antipig, Apr 10, 2010 10:38

What a disgusting display of submission, stupidity, and growling ever by a so called British politician. This pig traitor should not be welcomed back to the UK. No real british person should be proud of him.


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