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The Reality of our Reaction to Terrorism

Submitted by Hugh Andrew, Jan 8, 2015 06:25

I encourage you to read the article by my favorite reporter published in the National Post, Canada http://news.nationalpost.com/2015/01/07/christie-blatchford-terrorists-cowed-us-all-into-ridiculous-self-censorship/


The Deliberate President

Submitted by Michael Fox, Jan 8, 2015 04:32

That comes down directly from President Obama's orders. He will use the word Islam in describing Islam as a peaceful , loving religion and he will use the term terrorism.... but he is very careful to never link together the term, "Islamic terrorism.. '

Often it's as much as what a person doesn't say as it is what he does say.


terror attacks

Submitted by gee-gee, Jan 7, 2015 21:16

These people are following the Qur'an and the Sunna,as ordered by Muhammed.Call it what you will.They are fulfilling their religious duty.

In America,Britain,Australia,the people who have gone over to fight, are returning.What ? So they are now hardened warriors, That will be great for our countries.

I would exile them.The enemy is within the gates.Our time is coming.Sooner than one would think.Wake up your country needs you.


why are we not waking up to the fact that imams are behind this

Submitted by staffsgt7, Jan 7, 2015 20:46

We mention that there are radical mosques but mosques are not people. It is the imam/clerics that are behind this. They are teaching hate and intolerance and it is in the majority of mosques that they are doing this. A few years ago an article came out that said it was in 84% of the mosques that this is being taught. Their daily 'prayers' curse us - and that is ALL moslems doing that in their salat. And their Friday 'prayers' are even worse. The imam over Seal Team 6 and who knows how many imams over our troops over the time we have been in the Middle East, curse our people. This IS a majority of moslems that are behind this and that is also due to the funding of violent jihads via their wealth and their moral support by moslems just outright lying about what islam is AND obfuscating, deflecint, excusing away and a whole bunch of other ways to veer off of Islam's violence (and some sexual perversions too).


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