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Exposing Islam

Submitted by Norman E. Hooben, Jan 13, 2016 14:46

Not enough can be said about Islam and it's negative impact in America's colleges and universities. Islam's goal is defined in the Muslim Brotherhood's founding charter and not one so-called peaceful Islamist country condemns them...although Egypt did act recently...they're goal is complete domination over western countries...a world-wide caliphate if you will. I know that you know this, but if I were to take a poll outside a voter's precinct I'd be lucky to find one voter in a million who even has the slightest idea. By the way, I do not have 'Islamophobia', but I do have Georgtownophobia, and Harvardophobia, and Yaleophobia, and ...you get the picture!


Thank you for your good work exposing Islamist influence in academia

Submitted by Abigail Hirsch, Jan 13, 2016 12:14

This all would be embarrassing if it were not so common. However very few people are taking the trouble to understand and follow up on these connections.

I especially like your detailed coverage and naming of names. Academics are not the only ones who can claim "freedom of speech".


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