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I wonder if these students realize they promoting totalitarianism

Submitted by Harold, Feb 22, 2016 14:52

While I consider the physical threats by the angry student professing to be from Gaza to be representative of the radical Islamism of Hamas, I wonder whether the protesters who threaten pro-Israel speakers and students, as well as the college and university administrators, are aware that in their actions (or in the case of the administrators, their inaction) they reject the principles of free speech that made America great. At the same time, they support principles condoned by totalitarian societies.

If no grown ups take charge of this soon, we will indeed find ourselves living in a totalitarian society. I strongly suggest that alumni make their voices heard when they get that annual call for contributions, as well as throughout the year whenever the adults fail to enforce free speech by all necessary means, including expulsion from the institution. Failure to act by the adults in charge strongly suggests that they are among the enemies of liberty.


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