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Jihad group

Submitted by cookie goodman, Jul 23, 2008 23:27

It is about time the u.s. started fighting the terrorist on u.s. soil, and cleaned up this country.

It is a disgrace that our soldiers are still fighting a war, that is not our war, in Iraq, losing their lives and limbs, when they should be home, protecting our american people from these islam extremists. it is about time the u.s. came from strength, and instead of being afraid to insult or accuse, and protecting "civil liberties and rights". it is beyond my comprehension that the u.s. government allows these extremists and terrorists to use to their advantage, the very freedoms they want to destroy.

what part of the above does pres. bush not understand.

it is too bad you did not listen to steve emerson 10 years ago, when he was telling the country to beware.

now we are paying the price.

thank you.


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