Archive Documents

Title Author Date
Audit of the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Monitoring of Inmate Communications to Prevent Radicalization DOJ Office of the Inspector General March 2020
Teaching Hate, Inspiring Terrorism: Saudi Arabia's Educational Curriculum Hon. Frank Wolf July 19, 2017
Senator Ted Cruz Bill to Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization November 4, 2015
Letter from MPAC to John Kerry Salam Al-Marayati November 19, 2014
Wiesenthal Letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Rabbi Marvin Hier and Rabbi Abraham Cooper August 13, 2014
Letter to FBI Director Comey Re FBI/CAIR Interactions U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf September 19, 2013
Review of FBI Interactions with the Council on American Islamic Relations DOJ Inspector General September 19, 2013
Interim Progress Report for the Members of the House Republican Conference on the Events surrounding the September 11, 2012 Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi, Libya April 23, 2013
Moro National Liberation Front Letter to Al-Kifah dated October 27, 1992 March 21, 2013
Al-Hussam (Newsletter of CARE International dated April 16, 1993) March 21, 2013
Al-Kifah Check to Islamic Association for Palestine Dated April 20, 1992 March 21, 2013
Al-Kifah Boston Advertisement March 21, 2013
Al Hussam February 1993 Issue (Newsletter of Al-Kifah Refugee Center) March 21, 2013
Ikwanonline Translation November 21, 2012
George Selim Participation in 2010 Georgetown Conference November 19, 2012
'Trotsky and the Totalitarian Dialectic Revisited: Whether You Are Interested In Islamism or Not, Islamism Is Interested In You' Judge Michael Mukasey October 30, 2012
Letter to Holder, Clinton re Blind Sheikh's Possible Release House Committee Leaders September 19, 2012
Check for $5,000 from International Relief Organization to CAIR July 23, 2012
Grover Norquist's Relationship Should Give People Pause Press Release by Rep. Frank Wolf's Office October 5, 2011
Statement of Conscience Re Grover Norquist U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf October 4, 2011
DOJ Letter to U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf re IICG Agreement September 23, 2011
Non-Prosecution Agreement Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf Department of Justice August 12, 2011
Aviation Security: TSA is Taking Steps to Validate the Science Underlying Its Passenger Behavior Detection Program United States General Accountability Office April 6, 2011
DOJ Terror Convictions 2001-2010 March 9, 2011
Documents Showing Awlaki Dined at the Pentagon After 9/11 Department of Defense January 27, 2011
Documents Showing Awlaki Dined at the Pentagon After 9/11 FBI (Obtained by FOX News) January 27, 2011
PLO Ambassador's Letter to Yale University August 30, 2010
Letter from U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf to FBI Director Robert Mueller re Anwar Al-Awlaki's 2002 Arrest May 24, 2010
FBI Director Robert Mueller Protests Scotland's "Inexplicable" Release of Lockerbie Conspirator August 21, 2009
Mumbai Terror Attacks: Dossier of Evidence Government of India July 6, 2009
DOD Memo: Saudi Charity Served as Conduit for Arms Shipments into Somalia U.S. Department of Defense June 29, 2009
2008 Report on Terrorism National Counterterrorism Center April 30, 2009
Freedom of Speech in Jihad Analysis: Debunking the Myth of Offensive Words U.S. Central Command Red Team August 8, 2008
Words that Work and Words that Don't: A Guide for Counterterrorism Communication Counterterrorism Communications Center March 14, 2008
Terminology to Define the Terrorists: Recommendations from American Muslims Department of Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties January 2008
FBI memo on "Muslims of America, Inc., A.K.A. Fuqra, Jamaat Al Fuqua [sic]," December 6, 2007, FBI Memo December 6, 2007
Zaid Naman on the Brotherhood in America Zaid Naman, a.k.a. Zeid al-Noman Early 1980s
Bylaws of the Palestine Committee of the Muslim Brotherhood Palestine Committee Date Unknown
Treasury Department Designation of KindHearts U.S. Treasury Dept. February 19, 2006
Treasury Department Designaton of Islamic African Relief Agency Treasury Dept. October 13, 2004
Martyr in a Wheelchair?: The Life & Death of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin Ahmad Rashad March 29, 2004
Treasury Department Designaton of Benevolence International Foundation U.S. Treasury Dept. November 19, 2002
Treasury Department Designaton of Global Relief Foundation U.S. Treasury Dept. October 18, 2002
Treasury Department Designaton of the Holy Land Foundation U.S. Treasury Dept. December 4, 2001
1998 Anatomy of National Public Radio's Blacklist Steven Emerson October 22, 2001
Jihad Camp ICNA Young Muslims August 20, 2001
IAP Fourth Annual Convention Program Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) November 1, 2000
Jose Padilla's Rap Sheet Sunrise Police Department September 20, 2000
USAID Cancels HLF Registration USAID September 4, 2000
Text of World Islamic Front's Statement Urging Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders Osama bin Laden February 23, 1998
Declassified State Dept. Cable on Bin Laden's Brother-in-Law State Department January 1994
HLF News Holy Land Foundation (HLF) June 1, 1993
MNLF Letter Asking Al-Kifah for Mujahideen Support Abu Manshawi Abumohaymen November 24, 1992
MNLF Letter of Support to Al-Kifah Aleem Said Omar, MNLF November 21, 1992
MNLF Fax on Funds to Al-Kifah Abu Manshawi Abdulmohaymen October 27, 1992
Internal memo of the IAP Islamic Association for Palestine October 1, 1992
Peshawar Mujahideen Office Fax to Al-Kifah April 21, 1992
Al-Kifah Check to Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) Al-Kifah April 20, 1992
Peshawar Mujahideen Office Fax to Al-Kifah April 20, 1992
ICC Letter to Al-Kifah Ahmad Elkadi December 17, 1991
Shura Council Report on the future of the Group Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council October 25, 1991
ISNA Release Supporting Al-Kifah ISNA August 8, 1991
An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America Mohamed Akram May 19, 1991
Suggested Amendments to the Bylaws of the Palestine Committee Unknown April 2, 1991
The Muslim Brotherhood "Project" December 1, 1982
Milestones Sayyid Qutb January 1964
Al Qaeda Manual Found in Manchester (Translation)
Al-Kifah Release Condemning U.S. Humanitarian Intervention in Somalia