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Submitted by richard, Apr 23, 2016 16:45

this is funny: "makes some fine tuning to current law under what circumstances U.S. citizens can sue sovereign states".

so if citizens were able to sue other nations, wouldnt the usa be sued for way more than they have. the usa has killed so many innocent civilians in nations where they have no right to be. the usa is likely technically at war with many nations. they trespass with their military (an act of war) and kill or destroy while trespassing (acts of war) in syria, libia, iraq, pakistan, and probably a dozen other nations. lets say $20million per illegal death and $40million death by war crime. the bill would be in the trillions. the usa wouldnt be able to put fuel in their war machines....maybe this is a good idea. the usa is always trying to steal from others...we deserve this...we deserve that...you owe the world a butt load. hopefully when the us dollar is no longer the main world currency and your income drops and your unemployment reaches epic proportions, you will come to understand what the rest of the world has been putting up with. when china has military dominance and kills your citizens by drone strike and invades your sovereign space without permission or consequence.


I'm sure

Submitted by I'msure, Apr 23, 2016 01:41

There's nothing earthshaking in those 28 pages! Right. That's why the Saudis are threatening to sell off billions in US Notes and try to destabilize our economy. I'm sure..... This just doesn't add up! Does it folks? If there is nothing there let us see em.

Like Hillary with her speech that were worth so much to the goldie sax folks. What we wouldn't be able to understand? Or we would understand too well.

Are we tired of being lied to? Are we tired of people in govt not wanting us to know the truth?


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