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Ellison is not in denial, he is in coverup and blackmail

Submitted by David Tsal, Feb 6, 2010 04:25

Ellison is not in denial, he is in coverup and blackmail.

It would be useless for him, to go to Egypt and see things with his own eyes, because he probably knows them and doesn't care one bit.

When he says, "Now is somebody going to snatch my 13-year-old daughter's hijab off, call her a horrible name, spit on her because of something that you said, Dr. Jasser," he is practicing a technique well familiar in being used against us Jews: pretended self-defense.

The trouble is that people who pretend self-defense next go on a pogrom.

Has anyone ever snatched hijab off his daughter? Has anyone ever spat on her?

I was spat on twice, just for being Jewish and wearing a little round cap. Also shoved. And stalked. All of that in America, over the past 9 years. The names I was called are too many to mention. When I told it to some decent Muslims I know, they were horrified. Nothing like that ever happened to them.

But I don't expect any sympathy from Mr. Keith Ellison. From him I expect only a pogrom .


Sharia Debate?

Submitted by Russ, Oct 15, 2009 09:52

There is much evidence that a push for the implementation of the draconian laws of Islam that are based solely on an interpretation of a century and a half old religious text, supposedly the direct written words of the god of the muslims, is well into is final stages. The reasoning behind this push is because of what is being taught to muslims in the mosques, that western laws are somehow flawed because they are man-made laws and so they are inferior to the instructions given to their prophet by their god. That is OK, if that is how you see it!! The people of the world outside of Islam have really just gone about doing things in a logical manner. That is, the religion that was most prominement in the society that founded the communities in the west also had a religious text to go by, but, clearly the tenents of that text did not update itself as time went on so as to keep up with modern knowledge and understanding of how people in this day and age interact and how rights of the people that are affected by the laws needed to be protected by those that made them. Since the gods that are talked about in these two very different texts have never really come back to verify anything, written or otherwise, that pertain to a modern a world and how to make these texts apply to us today, I beleive that man-made is the best way to go until there is clarification from up above. I'm just not holding my breathe. If a muslim wants to claim that they would rather adhear to century old thinking that is fine, but they don't! they pick and choose these ignorant teachings from their crazy assed documents and apply them at will to make talking point or to intimidate others into thinking that they are more religious, and then go right back to doing as they please behind our backs. If islam wants Sharia? which I really don't beleive they do, let them go back to Arabia and make it work there all day long!!!


Jasser is right on target but...

Submitted by PatriotUSA, Oct 8, 2009 04:12

Jasser is to be commended for his stance and willingness to speak out as he has. To take on Islam in any way shape or form is risky and life threatening business. Jasser should be bringing up what is IN the Koran and Hadith. For therein lies the true problems within Islam. Rife with hatred and anti-semitism, the Koran is being whitewashed and pushed by the likes of CAIR and other not so moderate Islamic organizations. Ellison is known for apologist positions in supporting and protecting Islamic radicals both here and abroad. Islam and Muslims get a balck eye because of the actions of a a few nut cases filled with rage and hatred. Is this fair? no, it is not fair but this will continue to happen and it will get much worse until the majority of Muslims denounce such trolls as Hooper, Ellison and push themselves away from the calls to violence and Jihad that now permeate many of the mosques within this country. The onslaught of lawsuits and threats of more of the same from such groups as CAIR, MPAC, MSU, MSA has really started to wake many people up that Islam will try to topple us from the inside out, or via stealth Jihad and that is just one of many tools that Islam will bring to bear upon our freedom and liberties. People like Ellison and Hooper have little regard for the real instituiitons and documents that helped build up this country, esepcially the Constitution. I am very sick of islamic diversity and multiculturalism being forced upon the citizens of the USA. Exposure, education of Islam and the subversion that comes with it is the best way to defeat Islam and protect what we have in this country which is truly unique and so very special.


If only...

Submitted by Lynn, Oct 4, 2009 19:18

Ellison would see the truth in Jasser's eyes and heart. Me thinks he doth protest too much. CAIR (Ibrahim Hooper) is suing my city over prayer at the airport. I'm sick of such intrusiveness in public places where people of all relgions come and go with no thought of causing such difficulties for everyone traveling.


Dr. Jasser, Keith Ellison and Reforming Islam

Submitted by Abdul, Oct 4, 2009 17:18

Dr. Jasser is doing excellent work by publicly attacking "political Islam" including organizations like CAIR, and the imams. However, Jasser is NOT a reformer of Islam, let alone one of the leading reformers. First, he almost never speaks to Moslems. He speaks almost exclusively to conservative non-Moslems. Second, he has no qualifications as an Islamic scholar to speak about reform in Islam. Even lay Moslems do not listen to him. Religious Moslems, like Keith Ellison, have only contempt for Dr. Jasser.

We should support Dr. Jasser for exposing the extemist Islamism of the imams and of the Moslem advocacy organizations like CAIR, but we should not get up any hopes whatsoever that Dr. Jasser is either qualified or capable of stimulating reform in Islam. He will not even criticize the Koran or Muhammad which is where the problem with Islam lies.


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Feb 6, 2010 04:25

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Concerned Muslim 

Oct 3, 2009 13:59

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