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Oh how Mr. Ayloush can spin a story

Submitted by David, Jul 22, 2008 12:00

First of all, having heard Mr. Ayloush live on more than a few occasions, my hat is off to him since I have heard only a few Muslim speakers that can spin a story and blame it on everyone else except the Muslims as well as Mr. Ayloush.

Firstly, Saddam Hussein was tried by a Muslim court and hung by Muslim men. It appears he failed to mention that in his speech.

Secondly, sectarian violence within Islam has been around since the day Muhammad died. While it may be true that the Umayyad family and Muhammad descended from Abd Munaf via his son Hashim, it is also true that when Muhammad 'supposedly' appointed Abu Bakr the first caliph, the sectarian violence started between the Sunni and Shia and from what history has taught us, won't abate until either all the Shia are dead or the Sunni's are dead.

Thirdly, I'm still waiting for Mr. Ayloush to come out against the stonings, beheadings, slavery, rampant discrimination against all non Muslims, and the plethora of amputations throughout the Muslim world or even suggest that Islam/Muslims might have anything to do with the wholescale and systematic ethic and religious cleansings of the Christian population throughout the African countries controlled by Arab people financed by Saudi Arabia. Oh, perhaps that wouldn't be prudent; would it?


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