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Conductor of Terrorism

Submitted by Ace V. D., Aug 26, 2015 10:12

The clip that I just viewed is well received and well done. I want to comment further on the process of Jihad in the U.S.

First and foremost; if you have a White House Occupier, as well as Congressional officials, who continue to deny the existence of jihadist in America, then our demise will only come sooner, rather than later. In addition; the current administration is not only sympathizing or, enabling, they are also co-conspiring.

We must continue to stay active in investigating terrorism, calling out the Islamic extremists, and taking action against those who wish to decimate our existence.

Keep up the good fight.



Muslims and the art of lying

Submitted by Wake up world, Sep 4, 2013 04:20

The art of lying is engrained and widely practiced in Islamic cultures. Islamists have transferred this art on to the world stage and the wider world seems to have fallen for it including the Islamophobia tag so easily apportioned to anti-Islamists. The media is completely owned by 4 corporations and as such are being used deliberately to deceive and browbeat the general public into compliance, the authorities have force fed the public Halal food and products, widespread rape is being ignored and the government is turning on the people it is supposed to represent, Islam is being used as a weapon against the public, , Here are four words with a brief explanation that every westerner must know and understand and realise what is happening whenever talking or dealing with Islamistsm the government and the media!!

TAQIYYA: Taqiyya is defined as dissimulation about ones Muslim identity.

TAWRIYA: Tawriya is defined as concealing, and it could be called "creative lying" or where appropriate "lying under oath".

KITMAN: Kitman is characterized by someone telling only part of the truth.

MURUNA: Muruna means using "flexibility" to blend in with the enemy or the surroundings. highly-honed tactics of deception could be enormous for unassuming Western societies.


The Grand Deception

Submitted by shirley caro, Aug 28, 2013 23:55

I was privileged to see The Grand Deception and I am trying to get groups of people to see it. I think it is a very important documentary and every American should see it. Thank you Mrs. S. Caro


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