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Thank you, Steve

Submitted by Rabbi Jon Haddon, Aug 12, 2014 10:18

Finally, a commentator who has the brains and the heart to simply say the truth...the truth that every Jew on earth knows, and every Christian should know. The Israelis are only the "canary in the mine." They have much "bigger fish to fry." Hamas, Isis, etc. are STILL FIGHTING THE CRUSADES. Unless we wipe them off the face of the earth or at least totally disarm them, humanity does not have a chance. G-d bless Israel for its courage and honesty, and Steve Emerson as well.

Rabbi Jon Haddon


Comment of ISIS by Steve Emerson

Submitted by Jim, Aug 11, 2014 16:26

Mr. Emerson's comments were pretty much right on. Being a trainer and educator it is disheartening to see our government making mostly "boneheaded" moves, i.e. * cutting back on the military * negotiating with Qatar, Turkey and Hamas by proxy? What are we doing leaving Israel and Egypt out of the equation? * Pulling out of Iraq too soon. Was anyone thinking about stability and strategic ramifications of such a move? The pull-out was based on political favor only. * Afghanistan is in the same situation. If we don't pay attention we will end up going back in a few years. * POTUS' support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? What were we thinking? Now we have Russia trying to fill the vacuum that we left because we totally upset just about everyone in Egypt. * Not providing total support for Israel and giving Hamas a voice has undermined Israel and now POTUS is back on vacation? I hope we can survive. I don't see us doing much in the Ukraine either.


TOTALLY CORRECT - but USA MEDIA does not tell the truth -

Submitted by gail, Aug 11, 2014 13:34

THE TERRORISTS HAVE A DEATH MIND SET and THE REST OF WORLD HAVE A LIFE MIND SET - you cannot get WESTERNS to wrap their heads around this and the TERRORISTS have NOW GOT HOW TO USE THE MEDIA TO THEIR ADVANTAGE and learned our WESTERN mindset of everyone needs help and love and etc etc,. You cannot use the same mode of thinking we use with the rest of the world with TERRORISTS! PERIOD!


Thank you for continuing to drive this!

Submitted by Teresa C., Aug 11, 2014 12:22

I appreciate you Steve Emerson. Keep going! The more that this is exposed - the more that people will wake up!!


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