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why the Saudis offered Guiliani several million dollars after 9/11

Submitted by staffsgt7, Apr 19, 2016 18:42

the Saudis followed sharia laws after 9/11 when they murdered our people... they can offer (blood) money, or murder the murderer the same way. But in Sharia, there is also a law that says that there is no retaliation if a moslem kills a non-moslem (or an apostate, the insane/disabled, or even their own children). And even though they are told that moslems are equal to each other (they try to say that about the non-moslems too but it doesn't say that anywhere in Islamic texts or laws), it is obvious a rich moslem can get away with murder while a poor one cannot.


nations haboring islamic terrorist.

Submitted by Who's responsibl, Apr 19, 2016 18:24

any nation that offers aid & comfort to radical islam must be sanctioned. any nation that supplies money or arms/ material to these barbarians, must be neutralized, with extreme prejudice !


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