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Submitted by Larry A. Singleton, Apr 21, 2009 22:06

How is it that this guy is on the loose? I don't get it. Where in the hell is Homeland Security? This isn't free speech. This is promoting people to go out and commit mass murder. Period. People don't realize the extent to which these sumbags have infiltrated this counry in their effort to create a muslim state here in america. And they will tell you that that is their aim. To take over this country and force you to your knees praying to Allah five times a day. Or else! I'd suggest two books for those who wish to know the mind-think of these low-lifes and buddies of Ahmadine-wack-job and Bin Ladin. "Because They Hate" by Brigette Gabriel and "The Haj" by Leon Uris. Look at the video: The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam.

Look at what's happening in Canada and Britain. Here in America you can't pray in school but they're working harder than hell to get Shria law into our schools. You think "press one for english" is bad? Wait until the muslims get a foothold.


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