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We have gone too far

Submitted by Stephen Miller, Jul 29, 2009 19:36

The United States is a melting pot where people from many countries have moved here to have a better life or opportunities that may not have existed in their own countries. If someone comes to our country and does not want to accept the way we live here, let them go back to their own homeland. We do not impose a way of life on citizens of the US and it is wrong for those who come from other areas to impose their way of life on us. We have a democratic process to effect change, not the methods that some groups have professed to make change, i.e Jihad. Freedom of speech has unfortunately become a one way street with many of these extremist groups. They are free to attack our way of life, but if someone attacks them, they are offended and rebel. They use our own laws against us.



Islam = Sharia = Assault on the US Constitution

Submitted by Civilus Defendus, Jul 29, 2009 19:04

Islam is re-enforced through Sharia Law...

Moderate Islam wants some sharia law.
Radical Islam wants a great deal of sharia law.
Islamists want to enforce sharia law upon others (Muslim or not).
Violent Islamists will destroy people and things to promote 100% sharia for all.
Non-Violent Islamists promote stealth jihad to implement sharia for all.

"Moderate Islam" can morph into any other form of Islam at will, without prior notice.

It must be recognized that any form of sharia in a non-islamic country is a form of cultural warfare, and that it may become geurrilla warfare or open warfare depending upon its strength (population, influence). Sharia is the equivalent of inssurection.


united states not strong enough.

Submitted by claire fleisher, Jul 29, 2009 15:24

I believe that the united states is not strong enough on its position of the muslims that are immigrating to this country, as well as the ones that are "home grown".

Australia has the right idea regarding these people. their position is that this their country, with their rules, and either you live by these rules, or go back to the country that you fled. they cannot use the many freedoms and privileges afforded to australians as a means to destroy that country.

ergo, the united states. this is our country, with our ways, either you follow, or get out. making demands upon american to accept their way of life is not an option, and i see the u.s. becoming weaker and weaker, and not standing up to them,

as a jew, when my ancestors came to this country, with nothing, they used their minds and their bodies to build this amazing country, not destroy it. too back the muslims are not doing the same, and the united states of america is allowing this to happen.

thank you.


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