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Slow this Yemen convoy down

Submitted by Bob, Sep 3, 2010 14:23

Try as I did, I could not find a source for the 400 American Muslims studying with Anwar al-Awlaki. Who might have this tidbit of information? Is it that same little group who took a look at Obama and Hilary's passports? Thats good actually. Tracking the Americans who travel to Yemen is understandable, but also going further and saying that you know they are studying with Awlaki? Wow! If that is true then we may very well be justified in detaining each and every one of these individuals through a judicial procedure upon their attempt to return to the United States. Better yet, if the Yemeni government allows the United States to detain them in Yemen, perhaps that is the best solution. In regard to the Yemenis themselves, the North hates the government, the South hates the government, alqaeda recruits whoever hates everyone, and the government is in dire need of money. Before we send our good men and women into conflict I hope we examine the unfortunate motviations of a corrupt Yemeni government that wants more funding from the United States. And I sincerely hope that this messy battle is left to the agencies that need not be named because our soldiers deserve better than to be sent into a civil war, in a country where everyone has a gun, and few people have a level of education to even understand our intended goodwill.


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