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Submitted by Jessica, Aug 30, 2013 01:20

Is there any way to sign a petition note for congress in regard this issue? I will be happy to sign a petition for them.


Where Saudi money goes--religious intolerance follows

Submitted by Ali H. Alyami, Aug 24, 2013 13:03

The billions the Saudis and other petrodollar rich tyrannical Gulf dynasties give to the military in Egypt translate to Islamization of Egypt and war against non-Muslims.

The West has the best opportunity for the first time in Arab history to invest in democratic institutions and embrace people who share our values, but failed to act.

Regardless of what the anti democracy, social justice and religious freedom do, the Arab revolt against religious and political tyrannies are irreversible, despite wrenching impediments and costly setbacks.

Mass revolutions are long, bloody and costly, especially when anti human dignity are rich and have support from countries that ought to reject their ultimate objectives: destruction of the right of the individual to choose.


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