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Islamisation of the World

Sep 2, 2012 23:44

I firmly believe that the main stream media is absolutely terrified of the Muslim community because they will, without regard for anyone or anything else, attempt to financially, culturally or physically attack them. I've seen for myself in conjunction to literally thousands of videos where Muslims are physically attacking or threatening "nonbelievers". Examples are the events that have occurred in Canada, Sweden, France, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Philippines, Dearborn, MI has become the Mecca of the US and dozens of mosques are going up all over the place. The real truth is that the so-called "moderate" Muslims in fact either support the radicals or, with the exception of a very few, are totally silent. There is, in the Muslim community, no tolerance of dissent. The media will NEVER TELL THE TRUTH. Pray for us.


Great Interview but diverse opinion

Submitted by John Molloy, Dec 14, 2011 20:11

More people should be aware of the truth provided by Steven Emerson and aware of his efforts to protect the American people. They should be encouraged by his efforts at objectivity. However, for me personally,I concur with the Muslim Brotherhood in 'that they refuse to distinguish the difference between radical Islam and Islam. I, as a WTC survivor, also refuse to make the distinction especially when the Koran is specific as to the fate of Christians and Jews who refuse to convert. Christians in Islamic lands are dhimmi and must live as second class citizens at best. I do not hear of any Muslims in those countries defending the rights of their Christians citizens. Also, the Muslims here is the USA do not readily assimilate and endeavor to demonstrate that their culture is superior..


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