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I can think of a few......

Submitted by NYhick, Nov 17, 2009 09:15

But this one puzzles me, Bill Sparkmen? I just googled it and the FEDS have no answers still, was it a colorblind racist?

The Fort Hood attack was tragic and seeing as it was a religiously modivated crime I have to belive it is an act of terror but I am sure you already knew that.

The Dallas case with the 19 YO Pakistani, Fedral authorities said that the public was not at risk because they knew the bomb was not constructed with explosive Mats. Hear say that they gave him the bomb and set him up.

Chicago they busted that cell that had the HUGE gun fight.

Another in question has to be the Synagogue in LA. That may be a HATE crime but no suspect is apprehended as of yet. Seems like an act for terror to me.

K so the CAIR's I have heard a mix of things but many are attempting to gloss over a SZIT cake and say he had conflict with his religion...........THIS GUY IS A MURDERER!

It can not hurt to insure the Radical groups are dismissed of duty. I bet if some of the FBI and CIA people who knew about this guy GO TO PRISON others will speak up for thier freedom to insure that RADICALS making jestures like Hussan did MONTHS ago are called out.

Thanks for the Video's and questions.


Maj Hassan is the worst kind of terrorist

Submitted by Seawolfman, Nov 12, 2009 09:23

Dear Steve,

Must remain 'aloof' from my christian name - as a Homeland Security 'general practitioner' - our own community is debating whether or not this was an act of terrorism. So far, You and Fox are the only outlets for the facts.

Suggest the US Army brush off the Field Manual for a proper hanging...Texas style.

Time to bring the military, the Bureau and even DHS into the light - this climate of deniability of the facts through fear of offending someone will be the death of us. Let's finish off CAIR once and for all, and purge our institutions of this radical Jihadist pestilience.

Stay in the fight...and fight to the death.

Seawolfman sends


Hiding Terrorists

Submitted by Paul Ivy, Nov 9, 2009 01:04

When a person talks like, and does the things that terrorists do. I would think he is a Terrorist. Why does our government try to hide them?


Get the facts

Submitted by John Cimellaro, Nov 8, 2009 07:46

As Mr. Baird comments, "the discipline of fact finding journalism is gone", I couldn't agree more. I started reading Mr. Emerson's books a few years ago as I felt I wasn't getting the full story from the media. His books opened my eyes as to what's really going on with jihad in America. If you want the facts, read Emerson and subscribe to IPT.


Remember Kura'esh

Submitted by Sheila, Nov 8, 2009 00:47

Dear Steve, I remember your first video of Yasser Arafat speaking to his people in Arabic - with subtitles - and understood the lies told to the world for the sake of preserving face.

Our very democracy and the wish to maintain it encourages governments and authority to hide the religious nature of such killings and allows extreme teachings to continue. Each time an Imam says he honours democracy remember Kura'esh.

Steve you are the measure of what is truly happening, not the whitewashed version. Keep up your amazing work.


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I can think of a few...... [231 words]


Nov 17, 2009 09:15

Maj Hassan is the worst kind of terrorist [116 words]


Nov 12, 2009 09:23

Hiding Terrorists [27 words]

Paul Ivy 

Nov 9, 2009 01:04

Get the facts [64 words]

John Cimellaro 

Nov 8, 2009 07:46

Remember Kura'esh [90 words]


Nov 8, 2009 00:47

Steve is absolutely correct [103 words]


Nov 7, 2009 16:29

The truth always prevails [92 words]

Jeff Baird 

Nov 6, 2009 19:22

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