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Radical Islam will use our Democracy and Tolerance Against Us

Submitted by AMERICA FIRST, Sep 14, 2010 21:22

Radical Islam will use our Democracy and our Tolerance against us. America's leaders must wake up! Americans do not want Islams Radical war on American Soil.

This protest, especially lead by a professor, is a disruptive force in America. We do not need this rhetoric in our educational system and if the University where he is from in PA is receiving federal funds, the Government should be putting pressure on this institution to fire him!

We should give this guy enough food and water with a one way plane ticket back to where he came from and then put him on a no fly list so he cannot come back!

U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security - Testimony by Stephen Schwartz - Thursday, June 26, 2003 in Part States: There is clearly a problem of Wahhabi/Saudi extremist influence in American Islam. The time is now to face the problem squarely and find way to enable and support traditional, mainstream American Muslims in taking their community back from these extremists, while empolying law enforcement to interdict the growth of Wahhabism and its financial support by the Saudis. If we fail to do this Wahhabism extremism contiues to endanger the whole world - Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


Must not let our country be overrun with muslim terrorists!

Submitted by Tiby, Sep 14, 2010 20:11

How can our government defend these muslim fanatics who wish only to destroy first Israel and then this country? They've already destroyed much of Europe! How does a member of a Pennsylvania faculty flagrantly call for the destruction of Israel while we are silent? This hate speech is not free speech; it is intended to inflame riots and we're not even condemning it. Where are our leaders? How are we merely discussing how not to offend these muslim terrorists?


Interesting but dangerous islam tactics!

Submitted by tosee, Sep 14, 2010 18:26

They hate, and are taught world domination from a very young age:

Jordanian and Palestinian school book quote:

"this religion (islam) will destroy all other religions through the islamic jihad fighters" 1998 in mainstream education of islam.

We should become familiar with TAQUIYYA. It is a muslim custom of approving and promoting lying, to advance islam. We should all become familiar with this term because, how will we know when they are lying? NEVER! Example:

Anjem Choudary Al Muhajiroun-London 2002- apparent moderate muslim who spoke out against terrorist attack of 9-11,

September 11,2003, North London- he meets group to talk about the 'magnificent 19' who flew the planes into the World Trade Centers, who "revived the 'obligation' of jihad."

Why do non radical or moderate muslims not censor terrorist? They can not condemn the terrorist.

Terrorist are their soldiers, analogous to our military, except that they use children to strap on suicide bombs to, they us children to clear mine fields before the soldiers go in, they hide behind women, churches, hospitals and schools and do not fight like men, like our soldiers do. That is why they can not condemn the terrorist, they are their soldiers.


I Never Saw This in the MSM

Submitted by Jettie, Sep 14, 2010 04:25

Outrageous. And that one speaker of hatred is an Assoc. Prof of English at Lincoln U in PA? No wonder the young Americans are brain-washed. That bile spewer should be fired.


I am a free American woman

Submitted by MAry Taylor, Sep 9, 2010 12:38

I am a free American woman, thanks to generations of good Christians and Jews who legally entered this country, worked, persevered, fought wars when necessary and made the U.S. the wonderful land it is. My family includes Jews, Catholics, Southern Baptists, and even some Agnostics. We are all patriots who love our country and who are not fooled by Islam. I know my two Jewish grandsons would be considered fair game by fanatic Muslims eager to kill all Jews. Jews first, then the rest of us who will NEVER bow to the will of Allah and accept Islam. Somebody who is very uninformed wrote that "islam" means peace. It does not--it means--surrender! "Salaam" means peace in Arabic, and I haven't heard mucgh about "Salaam" lately, just a lot of hateful "Balooney" from fanatic Muslims.


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Shosh Sheiner 

Sep 6, 2010 00:39

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Sep 5, 2010 21:40

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Larry S. Oxenham 

Sep 5, 2010 17:12

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Avi Billet 

Sep 5, 2010 12:28

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Sep 5, 2010 11:49

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Sep 5, 2010 11:12

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Shmuel Shimshoni 

Sep 5, 2010 07:37

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