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Be Warned

Submitted by Michael Fox, Aug 18, 2015 18:37

If the Arabs would be so foolish as to send a sizable ground force into Israel or to rocket Ben Gurion Airport or any of Israel's heavily populated civilian areas, they should be aware of the consequences. I know Israel likes to play it close to the vest and not reveal what they are doing or plan to do in such a situation but anything and everything should be on the table. This includes the destruction of the Al Aqusa Mosque and the rebuilding of the holy temple, the retaking of a portion of historical Eretz Israel which the historical revisionists like to refer to as "The West Bank" and resettling the occupying Arab population to Jordan. In retaliation for the invasion, the cities of the countries participating in the attack on Israel including those supplying training and weapons would be fair targets as were the cities of Germany and Japan during WWII.

All contingencies need to be considered when your survival is at risk.


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