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TO meaage number 1 from Sylvie 7

Submitted by Ziggy, Oct 8, 2009 23:44

"I'm glad that most of the people who express such fervent attitudes about the Jews, don't work as surgeons, or astronauts, or in any other precision endeaver. Is this, at last, the group to offer the purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge?"

Jess Ghannam, a Professor of Psychology who teaches at the School of Psychiatry at UC San Francisco is the lead organizer of the virulently anti-Semitic Al Awda and the ISM. There are loads of doctors and lawyers who are among these anti-Semitic wannabe "Arabs" who were in fact born here in the USA. They live inour democracy but cheer on the despots back home and in keeping with the primitive roots they sprang from, they are just as anti-Semitic. The only difference is they try to mask it by claiming they are only against Israel as a Jewish state. This logic is like saying one doesn't hate black people if one only advocates killing or deprotng them from one's hometown but claiming to have no qualms if they live in another city--the racism is still there....

This mindset is in our coleges today that produce the very professionals you think do not adhere to such primitve practices.



Submitted by Sylvie7, Oct 3, 2009 02:23

I'm glad that most of the people who express such fervent attitudes about the Jews, don't work as surgeons, or astronauts, or in any other precision endeaver. Is this, at last, the group to offer the purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge ?

Such sloppy facts, any White supremicist would do as well describing African Americans according to his distorted beliefs. Just hearing some supposed history from another ignorant person does not constitute acquired KNOWLEDGE.

People who don't have knowledge will believe anything, and many of the commentators here fit that catagory.


Heavy Sigh

Submitted by Musad, Sep 28, 2009 05:19

I am saddened at another Muslim using hate and ignorance to further an agenda that is not valid or healthy. Some where I think culture hijacked religion and religion hijacked faith. What he is spewing is "religious" rhetoric. Religion is BIG business that funnels money into politics, controversy and creating wars. "Religion" is being used to complicate situations for the common man so that by the time all is said and done the common man is so confused by all the complication "religion" is selling, they have a willing buyer. Faith is innately human and leaves no space for hatred, bigotry or anti semitism. "Religion" is bought and sold and is cheap and changable like a pair of underwear. One can buy "religion" on any corner of the world. I am saddened that these kinds of Muslims have hijacked the beauty of Islam and they have created fear and loathing of Muslims as a whole. "Religions" have one thing in common in ALL of them....... They all think they are RIGHT and the ONE. In NONE of the Holy Texts does it disseminate groups like, Reconstructionist Jews, Orthodox, Reformists Nor for Baptist, Methodist, Catholic and so on ..... Nor for Sunni, Shia, Salafi or Wahab. We have done that with religion and LOST faith. ALL are equal and valid and it's time we get out of our own way and stop the hate across the board. Peace.


Black "Muslims" Are The Most Anti-Semitic

Submitted by Semite, Jul 29, 2009 16:11

This "muslim prison chaplain" could have been fired by the Jewish mayor of NYC back in '06 for similar comments, but was only "suspended." A "rabbi" named Joseph Potasnik of the "New York Board of Rabbis" as well as other demented Jews supported the suspension and not the firing. How ironic that Jews are their own worst enemies. And by the way, black Muslims are not looked upon in the best of light by their "brother" Arabs who usually refer to them as an "abd" (which means "slave" in Arabic).


He is right

Submitted by Bal-maxruus US, Jul 25, 2009 02:50

Go to the back days of the History. Zions were given the lands of Africa in Uganda, Ghana And madagascar, even Somalia, but they did not they went to Palestine WHY???? ateention have been risen from all over the Muslim world in the wake of 9/11.

people are aware now who these people are and Muslims will never give in to jwews or thier fellow crusaders.


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Bal-maxruus US 

Jul 25, 2009 02:50

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Mike B. 

Jul 9, 2009 13:44

hatred of Jews [138 words]


Jul 9, 2009 08:43

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