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freedom in Egypt

Submitted by Fathy, Mar 4, 2013 19:14

It seems to me that the Us do not care about persecution and killing ,burning churches,kidnapping young girls or stealing lands and asking Christian owners to pay a sum of money if they do not want to die as long as the dictator who stole the revolution and used his militia thugs to prevent liberals from voting and now he is leaving salafists to kill torture kidnap chase people out of their homes ,out of their towns because they are Christians andMr Obama think as well as the senators who mingle with the M.B and lobby for them that they will be democracy in Egypt and he knows perfectly that it will never happen as long as he does not put the dot on the I by asking to stop persecution, to amend the constitution according to the wish of the people and include in the constitution that men and women are equal, that every person has the right of opinion,the choice of religion and liberty of expression and the separation of religion from the state .»»Now is the Time if not accepted no money.Only as long as islamist are in power that we have to be afraid of a war against Israel.MORSI SAID IT IN A SPEACH WE WILL LIBERATE PALESTINE FROM THE PIGS what a shame from a president .Sure what is said in the mosques with only M.B present CIA can never hear but a moslem Yes he can.(if you want the name of the poor Christians who suffered last month I can send you a list


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