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Editorial on Anti-United States Sentiment in Middle East

Submitted by Jim, Nov 1, 2012 11:39

As an instructor in Terrorism and like matters I think that our president and a goodly portion of his administration are definitely pro-Islamist in a naive sort of way. I know that he has some good advisors on the CIA side but I think he and many of his insiders exhibit strategic (long term) ignorance concerning the ramifications of our actions in the Middle East. Hatred for the West is rampant because Salafi and Wahhabi ideology preaches isolation and the vanquishing of non-believers from their lands. We need to get Muslims away from the radical thinking that leads to terrorism. Our administration talks a good story about supporting Israel but deeds tell me otherwise. This has also encouraged radicals to attack. Our weakness and lukewarm response to the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis merely showed radical leaders that we can be paper tigers. Obama's actions are what are important, not what he says. We have little respect because they view our president as a typical amoral western demogogue. In my opinion the president is also perceived overseas as someone who embraces typical liberal Western views which are generally dispised by religious minded Muslims.


"Not necessarily"

Submitted by Gary, Sep 26, 2012 09:47

Obama is "not necessarily" a Muslim? What is Emerson thinking? Obama's not a Muslim, period. Emerson then goes I do say "I don't believe that." This kind of spongy statement feeds the lunatic right-wing Obama-hating fringe that isn't such a fringe anymore. I expect better from Emerson. Obama has given Israel a huge amount of aid--both military and economic. He has been crystal clear in his support for Israel, and to suggest otherwise says more about Emerson than Obama. And I write this as someone who has been (and remains) plenty supportive of Emerson's efforts in the last few years.


Anti-Israel policies

Submitted by Carol Roth, Sep 25, 2012 23:12

I wish I had faith in Mr. Obama's views. I think he is beyond pro-Islamic philosophies, in some instances he is downright un-American and anti-Israeli. To have apologized after our embassies were attacked was not only embarrassing but gave our enemies support. It was a terrible insult to the families of the slain and it was dangerous to other embassies and their staffs around the world. Ever since the written word ambassadors have been given diplomatic immunity even durinf wartime. I don't believe he is that naive; I think he knows exactly what he is saying and believes what he is saying. This is the most disturbing truth is that he BELIEVES" it to be true. If his Presidency is allowed to continue, we-our Nation- and the entire free world is in grave danger from terrorists and the Islamist community. I know most Moslems do not support these events. However, if they cannot find the courage to come out and publically denounce these events I cannnot support their right to benefit from our society. No one can live with impunity toward these horrible acts or terrorism and until the Moslem community relates to America as their home I cannot respect them as a community. After all, they came here to have a better life, they need to fight for that right. It is not free.


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