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Emerson speaks truth

Submitted by Bridget Geegan Blanton, Sep 17, 2008 10:59

The potentially fatal nature of 'political correctness' has tied the hands of Americans behind their backs. The fear of possibly offending some hyper sensitive sensibility has no place in the War On Terror. The total failure of the MSM to deliver this truth to their complacent audience is borderline treasonous. Thank God for the courage and the commitment of Mr. Emerson to this No. 1 issue. It is imperative that terror-busting measures are instituted in the nation's burgeoning prisons. As always, I applaud Mr. Emerson on his work and am thank ful for his tireless efforts on the behalf of this great nation.


The secret threat of Dawa

Submitted by Joe Charlaff, Sep 13, 2008 01:40

Steve Emerson has, as usual, thrown light on something that most people are not aware of. For myself as a journalist who writes about homeland security this was an eye opener. I am familiar with the term "Dawa": but had no idea it was so rampant in the USA.

Great work Steve! I hope the authorities have taken note and are taking action.

Joe Charlaff

Jerusalem, Israel


Support Steve emerson

Submitted by louis cohen, Sep 12, 2008 13:18

Dear All

Steve Emerson is a gift to U.S. and world citizenry and deserves the respect and all the support, by word and financially, that we can give him and IPT

Thank Larry Kudlow for having him on.

The clandestine, insidious stategy of DAWAH by the Islamofascists must be publicized and recognized and defeated..

Louis Cohen


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