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Immigration of liars and cheats

Submitted by Mauna, Nov 13, 2014 13:16

The Koran says Muslims can lie, and that they do. She lied on her application to get into the United States, lied when she said she did not understand what she was signing, then lied in court. Since the Koran says they can lie, they have taken it literally, and lie not only for religious purposes, but to commit all types of crimes, to get out of all types of crimes, and to just generally lie.


Deport her! She is a liar and still supports terrorism

Submitted by Aryeh Maidenbaum, Nov 2, 2014 15:53

It is outrageous that she was even allowed in to the United States let alone granted residency. She should have been jailed for life- only allowed out due to more terrorism leading to her release. Moreover, if she is such a patriot Palestinian why would she have left Jordan and come to the U.S.? To me, it would be criminal to allow her to reap the benefits of U.S, residency and citizenship given what she did. And, to top it off, nowhere did we hear of any remorse for what she did. Let her go back to the Middle East haven she is aspiring to. Perhaps a month or two in Syria or Iraq or Jordan or the Arabian Peninsula will help her understand that if terrorism succeeds the way women are treated there (would she dare to walk the streets alone? To appear in public without a head covering?) is what awaits her if her goal of destroying Israel were to be achieved.

At a time when we are fighting terrorism world-wide, it would be a huge mistake to send a message that one can be a terrorist and then rewarded. It is akin to the 1,000 plus nazis who, to our great shame, were granted U.S, protection and citizenship- and even social security retirement benefits. What will it say about our own values if she is allowed to remain in the U.S. ?


She lied? Deport

Submitted by danny, Nov 2, 2014 04:31

This is very simple. If she lied on her application just deport her.


Deport Immediately

Oct 28, 2014 18:11

This is pure madness. Do we not do a thorough background check on those that want to be in this great country? I think the community will do just fine without the like of her. We must be firm in our policies to protect the American people and not bend to the will of few.


immigration by sick fanatics

Submitted by Luis, Oct 27, 2014 21:32

The United States, always the sucker. The libs/lefties/Democrat people have perverted the "send me your huddled masses" and have turned it into "send me anyone that wants government goodies and will vote Democrat."

This pathetic human being, Odeh, could not have emigrated to Sweden?


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Immigration of liars and cheats [76 words]


Nov 13, 2014 13:16

Deport her! She is a liar and still supports terrorism [235 words]

Aryeh Maidenbaum 

Nov 2, 2014 15:53

She lied? Deport [13 words]


Nov 2, 2014 04:31

Deport Immediately [55 words]


Oct 28, 2014 18:11

immigration by sick fanatics [44 words]


Oct 27, 2014 21:32

knowledge is power [33 words]


Oct 27, 2014 12:42

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