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The U.S , the West and the Muslim world

Submitted by Zvia, Jun 4, 2009 21:14

Obama's trip to the Middle-East , to the Muslim World, while snubbing the only democracy , Israel, will not change the reality in the Muslim world. Obama ignored the human rights issues, like the crisis in Darfur, , the antiAmericanism, , the lack of the freedom of speech, repression of women in many Muslim nations.To build relationship in the Muslim countries, standing with democracies may have been very difficult. Obama must not use this trip as an apology tour, he must stand firm on the war on terror and not give amminution to jihadists all over the world., who are looking for America weakness. sadly, I don't beleive he will do the right thing for America and the free world.


Valley Village, CA


Controlling Change

Submitted by Willard Payne, Jun 4, 2009 09:43

I completely agree that events can change on a dime's notice and the events will be caused by Teheran through increasing the fighting in every regional theatre around Iran including Afghanistan. Teheran has been warning of a hot June. I think they are waiting for their Presidential election formality to be over on the 12th.

Thank you



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