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Hold on, before you pull out your cyber sword ....

Submitted by Americana, Dec 7, 2013 20:14

This is what's wrong with the media today. People will read this article & think, oh this guy is an anti-semitic maniac.

And people will believe he is, and ignore all the great things he's done for America and its citizens simply because of this article. And to that I say, don't believe the hype. The media has its own agenda portraying certain people, and associating them with things they have nothing to do with. People become brainless & forget how to research and think for themselves.

Before you go on assuming this dude is racist, do your own research. Find out for yourselves. Meet him. Learn about about his work. Don't become another vegetable-brained American. Figure out the truth for yourselves.


CAIR Reality

Submitted by LD, Oct 29, 2013 01:34

CAIR can be summed up as follows: ChAos= CA; IRrationality= IR, hence CAIR.


"Walid" us not.. but deliver us from Evil

Submitted by Raphael, Jul 19, 2012 00:08

If anyone actually tries to dialogue and speak with this guy, its my way or the highway

This is in response to one of my tweets to him today..

"he's just trying to provoke. Bump em. :-)"


7th Century

Submitted by Strelnikoff, Jun 5, 2012 18:51

Probably one of the reasons you hate the Jews so much is that despite what you have done to them and others through the centuries, they have prevailed and prospered. Why don't you box up your 7th century baggage of hatred and intolerance and send it home. Everyone should watch Muslim beheading videos and the gunning down of unarmed protesters in your streets, because this is all you have to offer the world no matter where you go.



Submitted by DJM142, Jun 4, 2012 14:29

So were the Jews the ones who bombed the WTC twice?

And then were the Jews the ones wearing the underwear bombs?

Even though there may be some jewish folks out there who are islamophobes I certainly don't need any one (Jewish os otherwise) to tell me who is a threat to the security of this nation.

Intelligent people can figure this out for themselves. It's the people who can't think for themselves that need a race baiter like this guy to tell them who to hate.


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Hold on, before you pull out your cyber sword .... [122 words]


Dec 7, 2013 20:14

CAIR Reality [13 words]


Oct 29, 2013 01:34

"Walid" us not.. but deliver us from Evil [37 words]


Jul 19, 2012 00:08

7th Century [78 words]


Jun 5, 2012 18:51

Really? [87 words]


Jun 4, 2012 14:29

CAIR anything but Tolerant [23 words]


Jun 4, 2012 13:57

15 centuries: An ideology of destruction, theft, crime and hatred! [24 words]


Jun 4, 2012 12:56

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