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black and left-wing antisemitism

Nov 15, 2012 00:20

The left wingers particularly the angry blacks in Chicago are hateful anti-semites. Historically the Jewish claim to Palestine goes back thousands of years. The Palestinians are an invented people. Development of arid ,unproductive lands by Jews brought workers from other Arab nations anxious for opportunities. Just remember that Jews remained in the area 500 years or more after the destruction of the Temple until the new followers of Mohammed instituted taxes and discrimination of the Jewish residents. That led to their displacement. Moslems have a long history of intolerance and of treating other peoples as Dhimmis- second class citizens who had to pay oppressive taxes and endure discrimination. The Jews were allowed only certain professions or jobs such as moneylending and engaging in skilled work which was needed. aLSO, due to a higher level of education they had positions which were in demand such as advisors to certain sheiks who were more lenient. Nevertheless, the majority were kept in poverty and with few options for advancement.


The Jews, as the indigenous people of Palestine, have sovereignty over cisJordan under International Law.

Submitted by Wallace Edward Brand, Nov 14, 2012 13:59

The Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. They had self government there long before there were any Arabs located there. It was for this reason that the British, in their Balfour policy in 1917, recognized that the political rights over Palestine belonged to the Jews. However in 1917, when the Balfour policy was framed, the Jews only had a 10% minority population in Palestine, even though they had had a majority of population in Jerusalem since 1863 and a plurality since 1845. There was a lot of objection to giving immediate sovereignty to the Jews while they were a minority in Palestine so they provided a trust arrangement in which the trustee, England, would facilitate Jewish immigration from the Diaspora and would have legal dominion over the trust res while it was trustee so it would temporarily exercise sovereignty until the Jews attained a population majority and were ready to exercise sovereignty. Until then, the beneficial owners of the Political or National Rights would just have a National Home. The Balfour policy was changed into International Law by the San Remo Resolution in 1920 and further confirmed by theLeague of Nations in 1922. The US was not a member of the League so we signed off on the policy by a Joint Resolution of Congress in 1922 and a treaty in 1924, the Anglo-American Convention of1924.

The Jews attained a population majority in 1950. It's majority now is 80%. If it annexed Judea and Samaria tomorrow, and all the Arabs there pledged fealty to Israel to become citizens, Israel would still have a 66% majority.

The Arabs have no claim to political rights over Palestine. Since 1920 they have been trying to take them away from the Jews by threats of violence and actual violence.

If it had been the Mafia, we would have called it extortion.

The UN General Assembly RECOMMENDED a portion of Palestine be given to the Arabs in 1947. This was acceptable to the Jews if they could get peace. The Arabs declined to accept and went to war. The RECOMMENDATIONS of the General Assembly have no legal effect unless they are accepted by both sides. So the Arabs have no claim to any of the West Bank of Palestine, (CisJordan).


After the MSA's Apartheid Week for years...

Submitted by Copper, Nov 10, 2012 04:23

College kids have been fed the Palestinian LIES for over a decade that Israel is the 'occupier' and the Palestinians are the poor victims. This has been pushed in the public school system also by the Muslim brotherhood and the Saudis getting into the school book publishing business. The Democrats while trying to keep their Liberal Jewish funds flowing, are out the other side of their mouth Praising the Muslim brotherhood and defending them. They want to walk on both sides of the street like so many tried to do with Hitler. The college kids are taking thier cue from Obama. They see him turning his back on Israel - he has NOT been there in FOUR YEARS. And he bad mouths them and praises Islam. He is their Marxist hero and the PRO-Marxist, PRO-Islamist colleges and Universities exacerbate this.



Nov 9, 2012 23:01

This is a fictional piece of crap and should be deleted from the internet. Antisemitism is disgusting and you all should be ashamed.


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